Add histos from all analyses to the output
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / THijing / AliGenHijing.cxx
2008-07-26 cvetanMoving set/get energy in cms, projectile, target proper...
2008-07-25 cvetanFilling the GRP entry inside ALiSimulation. Can be...
2008-05-20 morschShadowing of variables corrected.
2008-04-22 morschfParticles-> replaced by fParticles.
2007-08-15 morschCorrect setting of number of primaries in header.
2007-08-02 morschTypo in conversion factor corrected. (J. Klein)
2007-02-06 alibraryAdding includes required by ROOT
2007-01-31 hristovRemoving the fake copy constructors and assignment...
2006-08-16 morschEffC++ warning corrected.
2006-05-12 morschGet information on spectators nucleons using TParticle...
2006-05-11 morschPile-up time window taken into account. Needed for...
2005-07-07 morschReaction plane angle stored in header.
2005-06-29 morschIf present, pass header to container.
2005-06-15 morschRemoving warnings with gcc4.0 (fca)
2005-05-10 morschPossibility to switch off heavy flavor production added.
2005-05-04 morschPossibility to change sign of Pz event by event, needed...
2005-04-28 morschUpdates needed for ZDC and AliCollisionGeometry (Chiara...
2004-04-21 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2004-02-03 morschProtection for use independent from AliRun.
2003-12-13 hristovRemoving warnings (icc)
2003-08-01 morschfgMCEvGen changed to fMCEvGen.
2003-07-31 morschCorrections to avoid warning messages.
2003-07-25 alibraryMoving to the new VMC naming convention
2003-06-26 morsch- Use Vertex() method
2003-04-30 hristovChanges related to the initialization of random numbers...
2003-04-08 morschCall AliGenMC::Init().
2003-04-08 morschRapidity shift calculated in AliGenMC::Init()
2003-04-04 morschBoost() moved to AliGenMC
2003-03-15 morschClasses imported from EVGEN