#101318: Patch for various problems in AliROOT
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TOF / AliTOFQAChecker.h
2012-03-21 fbelliniImproved QAchecker and plots for DQM
2011-11-29 decaroCoverity fixes
2010-05-01 fcaCorrections for QA
2009-12-02 fcaFixing bug #57328
2009-10-22 fcaQA mods to fix warnings
2009-10-16 decaroCompilation warning suppression
2009-08-06 hristovOnly one Check method needs to be implemented by detect...
2009-05-07 hristovFixes for bug #49914: Compilation breaks in trunk,...
2008-12-27 hristovIntroducing event specie in QA (Yves)
2008-10-22 fcaRemoving warnings of gcc 4.3
2008-10-21 hristovGet in sync with the base class
2008-10-17 decaroFixed warning
2008-07-04 hristovRemoving the assign operator (Yves)
2008-05-21 decaroUnused parameter: warning suppression
2008-04-18 hristovNew signature of the Check method (Yves)
2008-03-04 arcellifix for eff c++ warnings
2008-02-08 decaroCoding convention: GC2 violation -> suppression
2008-01-03 decaroCoding convention: RC11 rule violation -> suppression
2007-12-06 arcelliUpdates in the QAChecher (very rough test implemented)
2007-11-23 decaroCoding convention: RS1 rule violation -> suppression
2007-11-19 arcelliTOF QA Checker for hits, raws, (s)digits, recpoints...