TOT=0 check removed from TOF-T0 algorithm
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TOF / AliTOFT0v1.cxx
2010-07-02 rpreghenTOT=0 check removed from TOF-T0 algorithm
2010-06-14 rpreghenupdates on TOF software:
2010-04-14 decaroRemake TOF-PID with event-time resolution calculated...
2010-01-20 decaroRemoved warning message in compilation and updated...
2010-01-19 decaroCoding convention violations: suppression
2010-01-14 rpreghenremoved dependence from libANALYSIS for track cuts
2010-01-14 rpreghentemporary fix for unwanted dependence from libANALYSIS
2010-01-14 rpreghenadded class to handle TOF information including event...