Macro to Create pulser run data from an LDC
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TOF / AliTOFdigit.h
2007-10-04 zampolliupdates to comply with AliTOFGeometryV5 becoming AliTOF...
2007-04-30 arcelliChange TOF digit Time, Tot etc to int type
2006-08-22 arcelliremoval of effective c++ warnings (C.Zampolli)
2006-04-20 hristovCoding conventions (Annalisa)
2006-02-13 arcelliAdd classes for TOF Calibration (C.Zampolli)
2005-12-15 decaroNew TOF geometry description (V5) -G. Cara Romeo and...
2005-07-26 decaroCode description: updating (C. Zampolli)
2001-09-28 hristovMinor correction needed on Sun
2001-08-28 vicinanzTTask and TFolder structures implemented