Shuttle debugging line removed.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TOF / TOFPreprocessor.C
2008-03-14 zampolliImplementation of TOFFEE-DCS FXS file in TOF pp + small...
2008-01-25 zampolliUpdates in calibration objects handling/preprocessor...
2007-11-24 zampolliData for pulser and noise runs added
2007-10-18 zampolliNew naming of online calibration directory
2007-05-02 arcelliRetrieval of Env. Temperature removed (will get it...
2007-04-18 arcelliUpdated setting of the storages
2007-04-04 arcelli Updated CDB initialization
2007-01-17 arcelli Upgrading the macro for the new DCS aliases
2006-10-27 arcellicorrect path pointing to the input data files
2006-10-26 arcelliTest Macro for TOF Shuttle Preprocessor (C.Zampolli)