free arrays before of return in PropagateBack
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TOF / TOFnoiseda.cxx
2009-11-14 zampolliImproving printout.
2009-05-28 decaroReduced memory allocation
2009-05-07 zampolliImprovements in memory handling.
2009-04-06 zampolliModifications for TOFnoiseda:
2009-04-02 zampolliImplementing XML configuration file for TOFnoiseda.
2008-10-20 zampolliChanges to match mods in AliTOFDecoder.
2008-02-12 zampolliUpdating FileId in TOF DAs
2008-01-25 zampolliUpdates in calibration objects handling/preprocessor...
2007-12-07 zampolliMagic patch from Rene to have the DA working with ROOT...
2007-11-24 zampolliWrong include sintax
2007-11-24 zampolli TOFda to handle data from noise runs