Adding debug streamer
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / AliTPC.h
2008-12-03 marianAdding debug streamer
2008-10-25 marianEff C++ warning removal
2008-02-07 kowal2Added data member fGainFactor
2007-12-11 cvetanBy default all the sectors should be active
2007-10-16 kowal2Switch between Geant3 and Fluka introduced.
2007-01-23 alibraryAdding include files where needed for latest ROOT
2006-11-14 hristovRemoving inheritances from TAttLine, TAttMarker and...
2006-11-06 kowal2Eff C++
2006-09-26 cvetanSymbolic names for alignable nodes in TPC (R.Grosso)
2006-09-19 cvetanIntroduction of so called symbolic names used to identi...
2006-07-20 cvetanRaw2SDigits method added.
2006-05-06 hristovFixes in the destructor. Small changes in the comments
2006-01-29 hristovIncrementing class versions
2006-01-26 alibrarySome reordering of includes
2006-01-26 kowal2Geometry rewritten in the TGeo modeler.
2006-01-23 hristovUsing the recommended way of forward declarations for...
2005-11-19 hristovRemoving DistancetoPrimitive to avoid compilation warni...
2005-06-12 hristovPile-up simulation (C.Cheshkov)
2005-04-05 hristovCoding conventions (M.Ivanov)
2004-10-12 hristovUsing default Root containers for Root tags bigger...
2004-05-18 hristovSplitting TPC library (T.Kuhr)
2004-04-22 hristovRaw data simulation, one file per DDL, mini header...
2004-03-29 hristovSetRunReconstruction renamed to SetRunLoaclReconstructi...
2004-01-15 hristovAdding AliReconstruction class (T.Kuhr)
2003-12-11 kowal2Changes to comply with the coding rules
2003-11-27 hristovCode for simulation, sdigitization and digitization...
2003-07-22 hristovImplementing ESD functionality in the NewIO (Yu.Belikov)
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-04-08 morsch- AddTrackReference moved to AliModule
2003-03-03 kowal2Added LoadTPCParam method
2003-02-11 hristovUpdated AliTrackReference class (S.Radomski)
2002-06-12 kowal2Added track length to the reference hits
2002-05-27 hristovThe new class AliTrackReference used (M.Ivanov)
2002-04-16 kowal2Added new method GetHitType - corrected
2002-04-16 kowal2Added new method GetHitType - request from Marian and...
2002-04-04 kowal2Digits (Sdigits) go to separate files now.
2002-02-25 kowal2Changes towards speeding up the code. Thanks to Marian...
2002-01-21 kowal2New track hits using root containers. Setting active...
2001-11-24 kowal2Faster algorithms.
2001-11-03 kowal2Updated algorithms in Hits2SDigits, SDigits2Digits,
2001-07-28 hristovDigitisation done according to the general scheme ...
2001-07-26 kowal2Hits2Reco method added
2001-07-20 kowal2Processing of many events possible now
2001-06-12 kowal2Hits2SDigits method implemented (summable digits)
2001-05-16 alibraryNew files for folders and Stack
2001-01-26 hristovMajor upgrade of AliRoot code
2000-11-02 kowal2Changes due to the new hit structure.
2000-10-05 kowal2Forward declarations. Changes due to a new class AliCom...
2000-06-30 kowal2Updated from the TPC-PreRelease branch
2000-04-17 kowal2removed obsolete AliTPCDigitsDisplay.C
1999-09-29 fcaIntroduction of the reference to Copyright and cvs Id
1999-09-27 fcaNew version from M.Kowalski
1999-07-30 fcaThe changes w.r.t. the previous version:
1999-07-09 fcaPreliminary version of new TPC code
1999-06-09 fcaNew TPC files from M.Kowalski.
1999-05-21 fcaDo not save CVS subdirectories
1999-05-18 fcaThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...