Adding simple example to load default debug streamer
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / AliTPCCalROC.cxx
2008-07-21 marianAdded protection in case of outlyer maps which cover...
2008-03-19 marianRemoving eff C++ warnings (Marian)
2008-03-19 marianAdding possibility to set errors to the fit
2007-12-06 marianAliTPCCalROC derives form TNamed (Marian, Lars)
2007-06-06 marianNew version of calibration viewer + minor changes in...
2007-05-03 cvetanAdd outliers map to the statistical functions
2007-04-24 marianBug fix in global fit (Marian, L.Bozyk)
2007-04-20 marianAdd global fit of values (Marian, S.Gaertner, L.Bozyk)
2007-04-17 marianAdd local fitting method (Marian)
2007-04-12 marianBug fix - loop over pads (Marian)
2007-04-03 marianAlgebraic function added (Marian)
2007-04-03 marianAdding statistical function (Marian)
2006-11-06 kowal2Eff C++
2006-06-12 hristovVisualization of the calibration data (Marian)
2006-04-03 hristovFirst calibration classes (M.Ivanov)
2006-03-24 kowal2Calibration classes (prototypes)