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Using galice.root by default
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / AliTPCFindClusters.C
2002-11-15 hristovUsing galice.root by default
2002-11-15 hristovFirst version of the parallel TPC tracking (M.Ivanov)
2002-10-07 kowal2Updated macro by J. Belikov
2002-03-29 kowal2Restored backward compatibility to use the hits from...
2001-10-22 hristovWrong deletion corrected (Yu.Belikov)
2001-10-21 hristovSeveral patches were done to adapt the barel reconstruc...
2001-08-30 hristovThe default number of events is set to 1
2001-07-20 kowal2Processing of many events possible now
2001-06-16 kowal2Opening galice.root using rfio
2001-05-08 hristovCorrections for tracking in arbitrary magnenetic field...
2001-01-26 hristovMajor upgrade of AliRoot code
2000-06-30 kowal2Updated from the TPC-PreRelease branch