Fixes for coding violations
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / AliTPCFindTracksMI.C
2009-02-02 fcaChanged AliRunLoader::GetRunLoader() into AliRunLoader...
2009-02-01 fcaThe present commit corresponds to an important change...
2008-12-19 fcaDo not get main runloader from gAlice
2005-07-08 hristovTracking in non-uniform nmagnetic field (Yu.Belikov)
2004-01-29 hristovProcessing of many events. Code clean-up (M.Ivanov)
2004-01-21 hristovAdapting to the NewIO (M.Ivanov)
2003-08-19 hristovWorking version (P.Skowronski)
2002-11-15 hristovFirst version of the parallel TPC tracking (M.Ivanov)