version for December tests suppressing error returns
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / AliTPCPreprocessor.cxx
2007-12-15 haavardversion for December tests suppressing error returns
2007-12-13 haavardfit fraction cut bug fixed
2007-12-11 haavardRemove cut on minimum number of temperature fits
2007-12-11 haavardDAs updated, including documentation lines
2007-11-21 haavardTPC Shuttle preprocessor updated to use CE calibration
2007-10-12 cvetanAliDCSSensor: Updated Eval method to return first/last...
2007-10-05 cvetanAliDCSGenDB/AliTPCGenDBConf/AliTPCGenDBTemp: Hard coded...
2007-07-12 hristovConfig/Preprocessor added. AliErrors removed (Haavard)
2007-07-12 cvetanNew version of the TPC preprocessor. New preprocessor...
2007-07-05 cvetanBug fix (Haavard)
2007-07-02 cvetanWrong constructor called (Haavard)
2007-06-28 cvetanNow the TPC preprocessor has been updated to read pedes...
2007-06-27 cvetanUpdated version (Haavard)
2007-06-24 hristovInclude pressure sensors. Read Config entry from OCDB...
2007-04-27 mariancorrected constructor (Haavard)
2007-04-19 marianPath to default data changed (Haavard)
2007-04-19 marianAdding new functionality (possibility of having
2007-03-22 hristovFirst version of the SHUTTLE preprocessor (Haavard...