Some of the coding violations corrected
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / AliTPCcalibTracks.cxx
2011-03-24 marianReplacing sprintf with snprintf
2011-02-15 marianAliTPCcalibTimeGain.cxx - Adding the Gamma conversion...
2010-12-18 marianFixing coverity warnings
2010-07-15 marianAliTPCcalibDButil.cxx - make function public -possibi...
2010-04-01 fcaCoding Conventions
2009-03-02 marianAliTPCcalibBase.h AliTPCcalibBase.cxx
2009-02-09 hristovExtacting the OCDB in a separate module. The detectors...
2008-12-09 marianProtection agains not existing entries in the array
2008-11-12 fcaMore on char* constantness
2008-10-25 marianEff C++ warning removal (Marian)
2008-10-25 marianWarnings removal (Marian)
2008-10-18 marianEff C++ warnings removal (Marian)
2008-10-13 marianAdding the global event information in central place
2008-08-28 marianAdding charge and position corrections as a function...
2008-08-04 marianReordering of the functions in header file
2008-07-28 marianChange of the debug level (Marian)
2008-07-26 marianDebug output (Printf) changes
2008-07-13 marianUse static objects - TLinear fitter in order to save...
2008-07-06 marian1. Changing the binning
2008-06-24 marianAdding missing deletion of array (Jacek)
2008-05-13 hristovInclude needed header files (C.Holm)
2008-05-06 marianFixed memory leaks (Marian)
2008-05-05 marianAdding stream level and debug streamer to the base...
2008-04-24 marianUse abstract inteface for the calibration components...
2008-03-20 marianEff C++ warning removal
2008-03-19 marianEff C++ warning removal (Marian)
2007-12-03 marianMoving the TPC calibration using tracks from separate...