bugfix (Matthias)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / AliTPCclustererMI.cxx
2012-02-01 jthaeder bugfix (Matthias)
2012-01-20 fcaPartially fixing TClonesArray create / delete
2012-01-13 hristovReverting the full pools implementation
2011-12-14 jthaederCoverity fixes for :
2011-12-13 hristovComplete implementation of pools, see #88914. From...
2011-12-12 jthaederCoverity fixes for :
2011-11-08 jthaederDisentangled usage of HLT and offline one pad clusters
2011-11-06 jthaederRemove depricated function,
2011-10-10 jthaederimproved handleing of HLT input
2011-10-06 jthaederbugfix
2011-10-03 jthaederupdate HLT cluster reading
2011-09-22 jthaeder- adding usage of HLT clusters instead of offline clusters
2011-09-06 hristovFixed memory leaks for #86360: High memory consumption...
2011-04-27 marianCoverity fix
2010-09-16 marianAliTPCclustererMI.cxx - printf statement
2010-07-15 marianReuse the TClonesArray
2010-06-27 marianAliTPCtrackerMI.h AliTPCtrackerMI.cxx - Reconstruction...
2010-02-25 marianFix
2010-01-14 marian1. Protection against cluster splitting
2009-10-27 marianDrift velocity calibration - update
2009-07-09 marianForgotten commit.
2009-06-25 marianUsing new AlTRO/RCU decoding
2008-10-22 fcaRemoving gcc 4.3 warnings
2008-10-18 marianEff C++ warnings removal (Marian)
2008-10-18 marianEff C++ warning removal (Marian)
2008-10-18 marianEff C++ warning removal
2008-09-17 marian1. Reduced usage of the AliTPCReconstructor::GetRecoParam
2008-08-27 marianAdding 0 amplitude in case of 0 gain
2008-08-27 marianMirroring of the clusters on C-side
2008-07-29 marianInitialization of debug streamer only on demand (Jacek)
2008-07-22 marianChanges for HLT: (Jacek Otwinowski)
2008-07-18 marianChanges for HLT - speedup interface for HLT tracker
2008-06-26 cvetanFix for the mirrored C-side TPC sectors (Marek). Remova...
2008-06-24 marianChanges for HLT (Jacek)
2008-06-15 marianRemoved completelly high noise at channel > 700 (Marian)
2008-06-13 marian1. Adding protection against the "digital noise" clusters
2008-06-12 marianAdditional debug information (Marian)
2008-06-01 marianTyping error (Marian)
2008-06-01 marianReplacing
2008-05-25 marianExtended debug information (Marian)
2008-05-25 marianUninitilized variable (Marian)
2008-05-13 marianAdditional functionality added
2008-05-11 marianUsing TClonesArray::Clean instead of deleting of the
2008-05-09 cvetanFirst step towards reading of the new RCU firmware...
2008-04-23 marianTemporary removed information from the event HEADER...
2008-04-23 marianAdding Optional Output
2008-04-23 marianRemoved obsolete anaysis - FFT, Pedestal/Noise, CE...
2008-02-15 marianAdding cut on too noisy pads (Marian)
2008-02-09 marianTemporary fix - because of noisy pads (Marian)
2008-01-28 marianAdding protection for the presence of the information...
2008-01-15 hristovCorrected time bin offset (Marian)
2007-12-17 hristovAdditional protection. Do not issue AliFatal in case...
2007-12-15 marianTeh last and first time bin for recosntruction are...
2007-12-11 marianDisable "online" calculation of pedestal during cluster...
2007-11-25 marianUsing the Altro mapping from calib DB
2007-11-24 marianUsing the AliTPCtransform in the reconstruction (Marian)
2007-11-24 marianApplying transformation AliTPCTransform
2007-09-06 marianAliTPCclusterInof is added to the cluster only as option
2007-06-20 cvetanImproving the time performance of the TPC clusterer...
2007-06-15 cvetanRemoving unused array
2007-04-24 hristovRemoved overlaps. Geometry as installed, i.e. the drift...
2007-03-27 marianDisable digital noise analysis (Marian)
2007-01-31 alibraryAdding includes now needed by ROOT
2007-01-24 marianReduced size of output in debug mode, maximal debug...
2007-01-22 marianCut on minimal amplitude to dump
2007-01-22 marianDebug information attached to AliTPCclusterMI in debug...
2006-12-09 marianAdd cut depending on the pad noise (Marian)
2006-11-08 kowal2Eff c++
2006-11-01 marianAdd time stamp + Threshold for test data 3 sigma of...
2006-10-25 marianReduce the output size of TPCsignal.root (Marian)
2006-10-17 marianUpdated analysis of Central Electrode signals + Speed...
2006-09-18 marianCoding violation fixies (Marian)
2006-09-18 marianEffective C++ warning removal (Marian)
2006-09-15 marianProtection against change of interface for object stori...
2006-09-13 marianImproved fitting of gating pulse (Marian)
2006-09-13 marianAdd gating grid and central electrode pulse analisys...
2006-07-11 marianSet Tracking parameters (Marian)
2006-06-28 cvetanNew detector numbering scheme (common for DAQ/HLT/Offli...
2006-06-12 hristovNew functioanality added - ProcessSignal + Extraction...
2006-05-30 cvetanNew version of TPC cluster finder which is able to...
2006-05-11 cvetanBug in the application of pad gains fixed (Marian)
2006-05-11 cvetanPad gains from CDB were not used in the reconstruction...
2006-04-07 hristovfX, fDetector and fRow data members added (6 Bytes...
2006-04-03 hristovUsing gain factor from CDB (M.Ivanov)
2006-03-24 cvetanL1 signal delay is implemented in both the TPC simulati...
2004-07-20 hristovCorrected casting
2004-05-26 hristovAdding possibility to change the tracking window in...
2004-02-15 hristovReducing the amount of printout
2003-10-17 kowal2Removed compiler warning.
2003-07-23 hristovNew class AliTPCRawStream for reading raw data, AliTPCc...
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-06-06 hristovClusterization of raw data (T.Kuhr)
2003-03-05 kowal2Logs added
2003-03-05 kowal2Corrected for compiler warnings
2002-11-15 hristovCorrections needed by gcc 3.2
2002-11-15 hristovFirst version of the parallel TPC tracking (M.Ivanov)