o Fix HV problem in 2010 data
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / Base / AliTPCcalibDB.cxx
2014-01-24 wiechulao Fix HV problem in 2010 data
2013-12-02 mivanovBase/AliTPCcalibDB.cxx - Use non trivial default...
2013-11-14 mkrzewicskip clusters when the roc voltage is funny
2013-09-27 mivanovAdd protection in case of 0 HV
2013-09-27 mkrzewicfix compiler warnings + set ownership of fIonTailArray
2013-09-27 mivanovTail cancelation
2013-09-24 mivanovDisabling f*ing fatal in OCDB acces to be able to run...
2013-09-24 mivanovBig commit.
2013-09-21 mivanovSmall modifications:
2013-09-20 mivanovChanges for task:
2013-09-17 mivanovChanges for task:
2013-07-12 hristov#101964: crash at the end of reconstruction of ppbench
2013-06-24 jthaederUpdate of M. Nicassio
2013-04-12 hristovFix for possible inconsistency between the MC and raw...
2013-03-21 hristovFixed ownership, it is handled by ALiReconstruction
2013-03-05 jthaedercommit fix for breaking ppbench
2013-03-05 mkrzewiccoverity: null dereference fixed
2013-03-03 jthaederCleanup and reordering of TPC classes