composition of the Alluminum alloy that constitutes the ITS-TPC support rings updated...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / CalibMacros /
2012-11-01 mivanovAdd macro to create OCDB entry for ion tail
2012-10-08 marianAdding the README file - calibration componets for...
2012-09-12 marianUpdated names of the calibration variables
2012-09-05 marianAdding example hot to draw an example primitive transfo...
2012-09-05 marian1.) Updateing the registerCorrection.C macro to calcula...
2012-05-01 marianRemoving obsolete macros
2012-04-23 jthaederfix display of calibration type in CalibViewer (Jens)
2012-01-18 marian//
2011-04-12 marianRemoved obsolete macros
2010-10-19 marianAdding more "primitive" corrections needed for
2010-10-02 marianRegister - precalculate base corrections for fits
2010-09-20 marianGlobal fit of alignment with E field distortion map...
2010-09-18 marianAdding interface to manipulate with TGeoMatrixes.
2010-09-02 marianUpdate variable description file
2010-07-30 marianUpdated alignment:
2010-07-28 marianUpdate for extraction of 3D cluster residual maps
2010-07-08 marianRemoved hardwired path
2010-07-02 marianFast simulation of vertex shift added
2010-06-22 marianMakeing defualt plots - report from the raw data QA
2010-06-12 marianCreate summary postrcript file
2010-06-08 marianM AliTPCcalibBase.h - SetRun function
2010-06-05 marianAdding macro for ExB global fit
2010-05-25 marianBug fix
2010-05-11 marianMake Lookup and fits of the ExB effect
2010-04-30 marianAdding distrotion map visualization
2010-04-28 marianCorrection classes + the Demo
2010-03-29 marianModifiing macros to extract OCDB.
2010-03-29 marian// Macro to generate and update OCDB entries for a...
2010-03-28 marianMacros moved to the TPC/scripts/OCDBscan directory
2010-03-28 marian1. Cleaning of the code
2010-03-14 marianM AliTPCDistortionFun.C - Make more fun(ction)
2010-03-13 marianDistortion macros - very preliminary version
2010-03-13 marian Simple compiled macro for declaration of static disto...
2010-03-08 marianM AliTPCcalibLaser.cxx - Adding Integral of B...
2009-12-12 marianAdding the vdrift entry plots
2009-12-08 marianCalibMacros/CalibTimeVdrift.C - Removed obsolete code
2009-12-07 marianCalibMacros/CalibTimeGain.C -use non defualt ranges...
2009-12-04 marianMake OCDB Entry
2009-12-02 marianM CalibTimeVdrift.C - using smoothing of kalman...
2009-11-24 marianCalibEnv.C calibVarDescription.txt guiAlias.C
2009-11-23 marianAdding macro to create gui aliases
2009-11-23 marianAdding alignemnt visualization (Marian)
2009-11-22 marianMacro to create TimeGain OCDB entry from the calibratio...
2009-11-22 marianAdding defualt plots
2009-11-19 marianAdding export of calibration from vdrift calibration
2009-11-17 marianCreateRefMap.C new macro to create...
2009-11-16 marianMove the documentaion to the scripts directory
2009-11-15 marianCHANGES:
2009-11-07 marianUpdated filtering of the Goofie mesurements
2009-11-05 marianAdding the drift velocity monitoring
2009-11-02 marianAliTPCcalibDB.cxx - Calculate the distance to the...
2009-10-22 marianAliTPCcalibDB.cxx - Check the OCDB info consistency
2009-10-16 marianDump OCDB variables - drift velocity
2009-10-15 fcachanges in the MagF constructor
2009-10-12 marianAliTPCcalibDB.cxx AliTPCcalibDB.h - spline...
2009-10-11 marianAdding ranges <startRun, endRun>
2009-10-06 marianAliTPCcalibDButil.cxx.diff Add Time0 creation...
2009-10-02 marianJens Wiechula changes.
2009-10-02 marianUpdated version - forgotten to save it before previous...
2009-10-02 marianModification in order to run the TPC Calibration train
2009-09-30 marianexample shell script to setup alien environmnet at GSI
2009-09-19 marianMacro to analyze laser scans *Marian)
2009-09-17 marianAdding script to run TPC calibration train at GSI
2009-09-16 marianReadme for calibration/performance train (Marian)
2009-09-15 marianChanges of Jens Wiechula
2009-09-08 marianAliTPCcalibDB.cxx.diff Use DCS graph for HighVoltage...
2009-08-31 marianAliTPCcalibDB.cxx.diff Change magnetic...
2009-08-27 marianJens Wiechula modifications.
2009-08-20 marian--This li
2009-08-06 marianAdding high voltage to the tree
2009-07-06 marianUpdate of the Default selection criteria
2009-06-19 marianExample macros to exprt drift velocity calibration...
2009-06-12 marian1. Adding new transformation - for A and C side alignment
2009-06-04 marianMacro for alignment/calibration of TPC
2009-05-06 marianAdding Extraction of OCDB entries - spline fits by...
2009-04-14 marianAliTPCseed.h AliTPCseed.cxx
2009-03-23 marianAdding default performance histograms (Marian)
2009-02-12 marianMakin compiled macro
2009-02-09 hristovExtacting the OCDB in a separate module. The detectors...
2009-02-01 fcaThe present commit corresponds to an important change...
2008-12-19 marianAdding example macro of using AliTPCcalmanTime
2008-12-08 marianAdding inteface for DCS voltage
2008-11-22 marianAdding alignment macro (Marian)
2008-11-15 marianMacro to calculate tracking performance for cosmic...
2008-10-19 marianPseudo code - description
2008-10-19 marianUse updated interface of AliTPCcalibDB
2008-10-18 marianExample macro to get environment variables (Marian)
2008-10-14 marianBug fix (Marian)
2008-10-14 marianAdding functionality to visualize result for defferent...
2008-10-14 marianAdding export to calib trees (Marian)
2008-10-12 marian1. Modification in order to use it batch mode
2008-10-11 marianAdding the Pulser calibration data (Marian)
2008-10-08 marianVisualization of the edge effect
2008-10-07 marianAnalyzeLaser renamed to AnalyzeLaserCE (Marian)
2008-10-07 marianUpdated Macros (Marian)
2008-09-10 marianFitting Q dependence removed (Marian)
2008-09-09 marianUpdated global fits
2008-09-04 marianPseudocode for v drift calibration
2008-09-04 marianAdding example to check ExB correction (Marian)
2008-08-28 marianPseudo code to fill the AliTPCclusterParam