Adding the
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / TPCcalib / AliTPCSelectorTracks.cxx
2007-11-20 marianAdding the
2007-11-14 marianAdding new version of AliTPCCalibTracksGain
2007-11-14 marianUse the input list of proof to setup parameters
2007-11-13 marianUsing new introduced classes in the calibration components
2007-11-02 marianChanges due to new PROOF (Marian)
2007-11-02 marianInitialization of the calibration component in special...
2007-09-18 marianChanging to the AliESDEvent (Marian)
2007-08-06 marianUp to date of the components (Marian, Lars, Alexander)
2007-06-25 marianChanges for usage on PROOF
2007-06-25 marianAdding calibration classes for TPC