Use abstract inteface for the calibration components using tracks
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / TPCcalibLinkDef.h
2008-04-24 marianUse abstract inteface for the calibration components...
2008-04-15 marianAdding base class for calibration components
2008-03-19 marianAdding calibration component for Krypto (Stefan, Jacek)
2008-03-10 marianAdding AliTPCcalibV0 to the Makefile (Marian)
2008-02-01 marianAdding new classes for TPC alingment - Magnus Mager
2008-01-22 marianAdding analysis task involving for TPC calibration
2007-12-03 marianMoving the TPC calibration using tracks from separate...