nvartrk=7 in ESE task
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / TPCcalibLinkDef.h
2014-09-23 mkrzewicMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/flatdev' into...
2014-08-13 hristovALIROOT-5559 Fix for memory jump in CPass0 (LHC10 proce...
2014-08-09 mivanovALIROOT-5559 custom streamer for AliTPCcalibAlign
2014-07-31 zampolliReadding the files TPC/*LinkDef and TPC/CMake* and...
2014-07-31 sgorbunoAliAnalysisTaskPt removed from TPC/CMake*, TPC/*Linkdef
2014-07-31 zampolliMoving test task to TPC folder
2013-03-04 jthaederLast step of major moving in the TPC code
2013-03-03 jthaederCleanup and reordering of TPC classes
2012-05-11 marianAdding first version of class for the TPC correction...
2012-05-07 marianRemoving obsolete class
2012-05-07 marianRemoving obsolete class. Algorithm was rewritten by...
2011-03-22 marianForgotten commit - removing obsolete class
2011-02-15 marianAdding the new calibration class for the multiplicity...
2010-06-21 marianlibTPCcalib.pkg -
2010-05-09 marianM AliTPCkalmanAlign.cxx - class to process...
2010-04-20 marian Code to analyze the TPC calibration and to produce...
2010-03-05 marianAliTPCcalibBase and AliTPCLaserTrack moved from the
2009-09-05 marianAdding the trigger QA component (Marian)
2009-05-21 kowal2Added new class AliTPCMisAligner
2009-04-14 marianremove AliTPCkalmandEdx.cxx AliTPCkalmandEdx.h
2009-03-14 marian1. AliTPCkalmandEdx -
2009-01-08 marianAdding unlinearities calibration class (Marian)
2008-10-25 marianRemoved obsolete classes (Marian)
2008-10-18 marianAdding new class AliTPCcalibTime
2008-08-18 marianAdding class to refit the tracks
2008-06-26 marianAdding laser track - ideal mean track(Jens)
2008-06-20 marian1. Making TPC calibration task working on PROOF
2008-05-26 marianAdding new Task - Krypton calibration (Jacek)
2008-04-24 marianUse abstract inteface for the calibration components...
2008-04-15 marianAdding base class for calibration components
2008-03-19 marianAdding calibration component for Krypto (Stefan, Jacek)
2008-03-10 marianAdding AliTPCcalibV0 to the Makefile (Marian)
2008-02-01 marianAdding new classes for TPC alingment - Magnus Mager
2008-01-22 marianAdding analysis task involving for TPC calibration
2007-12-03 marianMoving the TPC calibration using tracks from separate...