o fixes
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / Upgrade / AliToyMCEventGenerator.cxx
2013-10-30 wiechulao fixes
2013-10-30 wiechulao mods
2013-10-30 wiechulao add SC scaling factor calculation and usage in
2013-10-25 wiechulao add usage of SC lists
2013-10-08 wiechulao add options for other gases and Epsilons
2013-08-29 mkrzewicmerged with TPCdev branch
2013-07-18 wiechulao limit vertex to +-10
2013-07-10 wiechulao Make simulation factor 10 faster
2013-07-07 wiechulao Change from AliTPCSpaceCharge3D to general AliTPCCorr...
2013-07-03 hljunggr-ToyMCTrack: added two new tclonesarray of AliCluster...
2013-07-02 wiechulao add first version of lookup table corrections
2013-06-26 wiechulao make reconstruction macro compilable
2013-06-26 hljunggrAliToyMCEventGenerator would crash if a sector only...
2013-06-19 wiechulao add step distortion
2013-06-18 wiechulao add setters for space charge files
2013-06-13 wiechulao Update treatment of AliTrackPoint creation from AliTP...
2013-06-09 miweber1) committing obsolete lines for OCDB in AliToyMCEventG...
2013-06-09 wiechulao add comments in Generator
2013-06-08 wiechulao Minor code cleanup
2013-06-08 wiechulao rename Toy -> AliToy