Updating the effecftive multiplicity calculation using the official
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / Upgrade / macros / spaceChargeFluctuation.C
2013-07-25 mivanovUpdating the effecftive multiplicity calculation using...
2013-07-25 mivanovNew functions to visualize the fluctuation - for the...
2013-07-16 mivanovAdding "standard" plots for fluctuation
2013-07-01 mivanovexpanding the toy MC
2013-06-27 mivanovBug fix. Adding the header files
2013-06-25 mivanovadding code to visualize the current drawing
2013-06-24 mivanovAdding functions to calulate and store the space carge...
2013-06-24 mivanovAdding macros to visualize trending of distortions
2013-06-07 mivanovExport histograms to tree for easie fluctutation studies
2013-06-06 mivanovAdd new macros (Jens, marian)