Adding new data points
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2013-12-03 mivanovAdding new data points
2013-12-03 mivanovM fastToyMCMI.C - test of robust fit
2013-12-02 mivanovAdding the MC voltage scan trees
2013-11-29 mivanovAdding smoothing code to select otimal smoothing parameters
2013-11-21 wiechulao add Function to create a residual LUT from a distorti...
2013-11-20 wiechulao add wrapper to switch between different functions
2013-11-20 wiechulao small fix
2013-11-20 wiechulao dump all bins to the tree
2013-11-20 wiechulao update
2013-11-19 mivanovBetter to use Ux/U4. Easier to interpret.
2013-11-19 mivanov //
2013-11-19 mivanovAddin the GEM Voltage scan data
2013-11-15 wiechulao fix sign in residual distortion
2013-11-15 wiechulao add possibility to use a different map for corrections
2013-11-15 wiechulao first try to create a LUT from the residual distortions
2013-11-14 wiechulao one more fix: the weight need to stay in order. Funny ...
2013-11-14 wiechulao same here In AliTPCComposedCorrection::GetDistortion...
2013-11-14 wiechulao fix names
2013-11-14 wiechulao add calculation of residuals from real residual disto...
2013-11-14 wiechulao Add option for residual distortion
2013-11-14 wiechulao fix errors and warnings
2013-11-14 wiechulao update Analysis of deltas
2013-11-13 mivanovAdding fast resoultion studies ITS,ITS+TRD.
2013-11-13 mivanovNicer figure of residual distortions
2013-11-13 mivanovSet of functions to study "empirica;" current correctio...
2013-11-13 mivanovUse the original distortion maps to create residual...
2013-11-11 wiechulao fix streaming
2013-11-05 wiechulao add track alpha to tree
2013-11-04 wiechulao fix
2013-11-04 wiechulao add tree with cluster deviation info
2013-11-04 wiechulao Add Delta Analysis
2013-11-04 wiechulao more selective filling of reco info
2013-11-03 wiechulao add possibility to switch off the SC scale factor...
2013-11-03 wiechulao small mods
2013-11-01 mivanovAdding interpolation error studies - with Kalman filter...
2013-10-30 wiechulao fixes
2013-10-30 wiechulao mods
2013-10-30 wiechulao add SC scaling factor calculation and usage in
2013-10-30 mivanovadding the printing of residual figure
2013-10-29 mivanovAdding macro to modify the Spac charge correction entry...
2013-10-28 wiechulao add possibility to use a different distortion and...
2013-10-28 mivanovAdding function to fit q(z) normalization parameters...
2013-10-25 wiechulao fix loading of map
2013-10-25 wiechulao fix sc list stuff
2013-10-25 wiechulao add usage of SC lists
2013-10-24 wiechulao add STAT in include path
2013-10-24 wiechulao update
2013-10-21 mivanovUpdated drawing style
2013-10-21 wiechulao finale plots
2013-10-20 wiechulao change default parameters
2013-10-20 wiechulao remove printf
2013-10-20 wiechulao change sigma Cl to sigma Cl + sigma Tr
2013-10-20 wiechulao update macro
2013-10-16 mivanovAdding q/pt resolution simulation
2013-10-16 mivanov Fast toy MC for differnt purposes.
2013-10-16 wiechulao update macro
2013-10-16 wiechulao fix integration
2013-10-16 wiechulao small macro
2013-10-15 wiechulao add z0 list
2013-10-14 wiechulao add force alpha
2013-10-08 wiechulao add options for other gases and Epsilons
2013-10-08 wiechulao add calculation of residuals in the track fit
2013-10-07 wiechulao add macro to create file with precalibrated SC mapcs
2013-09-25 mivanov Default style for figures
2013-09-25 mivanovUsing the script specifiing style from external file
2013-09-24 mivanovInitialization of material budget before tracking steps
2013-09-24 mivanovFixed problem with the ITS refit/update
2013-09-17 mivanovUpdated macro to calculate space charge fluctuation
2013-09-11 mivanov1. Updated comments for batch submission
2013-09-10 mivanovAdding vertex constrain and the ITS to the space charge...
2013-08-29 mkrzewicmerged with TPCdev branch
2013-08-28 mivanovAdding the new calibration fits
2013-08-07 miwebercosmetics for TDR macros
2013-08-06 mivanovNicer plots
2013-08-05 wiechulaj
2013-08-05 wiechulao update drawer
2013-08-01 miweberand another macro for SC distortions for TDR
2013-08-01 mivanovUpdate the macros
2013-07-31 miwebercosmetics suggestions by Harry
2013-07-31 miweberbugfix: for correction of time bin Delta R was correcte...
2013-07-31 miwebermacros for space charge plots (MW)
2013-07-30 miwebermodified final plotting macro: units, ranges, etc.
2013-07-30 wiechulao adapt range
2013-07-30 miweberadding preliminary eta correction for T0 seed
2013-07-30 wiechulao remove eps10
2013-07-29 mivanovITS refit efficiency added
2013-07-28 wiechulao Fix sign problem for T0 seed determination
2013-07-26 wiechulao fix
2013-07-26 miweberz correction for seed
2013-07-25 mivanovUpdating the effecftive multiplicity calculation using...
2013-07-25 mivanovNew functions to visualize the fluctuation - for the...
2013-07-21 wiechulao add possibility of long t0 seeds (over full seeding...
2013-07-19 wiechulao improve
2013-07-19 wiechulao fix new ITS propagations in the tree
2013-07-18 wiechulao limit vertex to +-10
2013-07-18 mivanovExample macro to define the 1/pt resouttion
2013-07-18 wiechulao adapt macro to set the rate
2013-07-18 wiechulao Add setter for interaction rate in simple sim
2013-07-18 wiechulao remove a few printouts
2013-07-18 wiechulao updates for seeding and tracking