add h-jet jet mass analysis class
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2014-10-28 mivanovATO-58 digitization and hit creation in anohter loop...
2014-10-28 mivanovATO-18 - a.) Removed upper limit on number of electrons...
2014-06-13 mivanovATO-58, ATO-18 - Adding diffusion in lognitudinal direc...
2014-05-29 mivanovrename mode -> dEdxMode
2014-05-06 mivanovrename mode -> dEdxMode
2014-03-11 mivanovToyMC: Adding diffusion in radial direction
2014-03-04 mivanovCalculate fraction of missing clusters
2014-02-14 mivanovAdding reconstruction mode for the dEdx calculation
2014-02-12 mivanovTPC/fastSimul/AliTPCclusterFast.cxx - iplement dEdx...
2014-01-23 mivanovPreparation for the FEC parameter tuning studies
2009-12-19 marianSmall updates
2009-03-06 marianMacros to test TPC dedx algorithm
2009-03-05 marianAdding track analysis (Marian)
2009-02-28 marianAdding digitization and function GetQmax and GetQtot
2009-02-24 marianAdding digitize function (Marian)
2009-02-01 marianMacros to do fast simulation of processes important...