Correct sign for calculated b_y (outside measured region).
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / recTPC.C
2006-12-09 marianChanges due chnge of interface in AliReconstruction...
2006-09-13 marianChanges due change of the CalibDB interface (Marian)
2006-07-12 marian(Marian)
2006-07-12 marianBug fix (CINT problems) (Marian)
2006-07-12 marianFunction parameter reordering (Marian)
2006-07-12 marianAdditional parameter - Specification of run type. The...
2006-07-11 marianSet Tracking parameters (Marian)
2006-06-13 marianThe example macro for reconstruction of the TPC raw...