[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC /
2009-06-16 fcaFixing trunk compilation
2009-06-16 kowal2Removed compiler warnings
2009-06-12 marian1. Adding new transformation - for A and C side alignment
2009-06-11 marian1. Adding sorting of the Points in point array
2009-06-11 hristovMoving AliTPCpidESD and AliTOFpidESD to libESD. This...
2009-06-11 hristovUpdated list of files
2009-06-10 marianTransition to the new RCU format
2009-06-10 cvetan1.The QA data created on demand according to the event...
2009-06-08 marian1. Adding possibility to mask the transforamtion in...
2009-06-08 marianAliTPCTransformation.h AliTPCTransformation.cxx
2009-06-08 hristovUpdated list of files
2009-06-05 marianWarning removal
2009-06-05 marianAliTPCcalibDB::GetGoofieSensors
2009-06-05 marianBug fix
2009-06-04 marianMacro for alignment/calibration of TPC
2009-06-04 marianlibTPCbase.pkg TPCbaseLinkDef.h -
2009-06-03 marianBug fix - creating of random chains
2009-06-01 marianFirst version of class for
2009-06-01 marian1. Adding time dependent sigma - (important for v...
2009-05-28 marianAliTPCTransform.h - Adding getter for current...
2009-05-27 marianAdding general non linear transformation
2009-05-25 marianAdding switches to apply a transformation
2009-05-24 hristovAdded QA for digits during reconstruction (Yves)
2009-05-23 hristovPossibility to include ARVersion.h
2009-05-22 haavardCorrect definition of AliRoot version in OCDB metadata
2009-05-21 kowal2Added new class AliTPCMisAligner
2009-05-20 hristovUpdated list of files (cmake)
2009-05-19 cvetanIntroducing the fixes needed in order to read the old...
2009-05-19 marianAdding getter for current time stamp (Marian)
2009-05-19 kowal2new class added - AliTPCMisAligner
2009-05-19 kowal2Generation of the TPC misalignment
2009-05-18 marianImplemented additional functionality according to the
2009-05-18 marianRemoved hardwired Bethe-Bloch from the AliTPCseed.
2009-05-18 cvetanAnother round of fixes in order to use the event specie...
2009-05-14 marianPatch - reflection in case of GEANT4
2009-05-13 marianDon't propagate track outside of the TPC acceptance
2009-05-08 hristovMake and print an image of QA user flagged histograms...
2009-05-07 hristovFixes for bug #49914: Compilation breaks in trunk,...
2009-05-06 marianForgotten commit
2009-05-06 marianAdding Extraction of OCDB entries - spline fits by...
2009-04-29 haavardDo CE processing for LASER and PHYSICS run
2009-04-28 marianBug removal
2009-04-28 marianAdding "robust" fit slices for THNSparse
2009-04-27 marianCorrected Glitch filter.
2009-04-27 kowal2Glitch filter added. For a time being by default.
2009-04-15 hristovUpdated list of files
2009-04-15 marianRemoving obsolete function.
2009-04-15 fcaTemporary fix waiting for M.Ivanov
2009-04-14 marianremove AliTPCkalmandEdx.cxx AliTPCkalmandEdx.h
2009-04-14 marianBug fix
2009-04-14 marianAliTPCseed.h AliTPCseed.cxx
2009-04-06 marianTPCCEda.cxx.diff Simplification of the AMORE DB part
2009-03-29 hristovUpdated list of classes (cmake)
2009-03-26 marianBug fix:
2009-03-23 marianAdding default performance histograms (Marian)
2009-03-22 fcaFix warning
2009-03-22 marianAliTPCPointCorrection.cxx - warning removal
2009-03-22 marianWarning removal +
2009-03-22 marianAliTPCTransform.h - removing warning visible in
2009-03-22 marianWarning removal
2009-03-19 marianRemoved memory leak (Marian)
2009-03-17 marianDouble definded copy constructor (Marian)
2009-03-17 marianWarnings removal.
2009-03-17 morschMethod hiding fixed.
2009-03-16 hristovRestored compilation with CMake. The administrators...
2009-03-14 marian1. AliTPCkalmandEdx -
2009-03-14 marianBasic calibration and QA class for the PID of the TPC...
2009-03-13 marianBug fix: Take into account R distortion in the calculat...
2009-03-12 haavardCorrected bug in storing Altro configuration to OCDB
2009-03-12 marianRemoved obsolete classes
2009-03-12 marianRemoved obsolete classes
2009-03-11 marianAdding analytical correction for dEdxNorm
2009-03-11 marianAdding analytical formula for normalization of Energy...
2009-03-06 marianMacros to test TPC dedx algorithm
2009-03-06 marianUsing fixed number of secondaries - 1 in case of laser...
2009-03-05 marianAdding track analysis (Marian)
2009-03-05 kowal2Correction. Now digits are produced even in the case...
2009-03-04 marian1. Changing default pressure sensoor to Cavern sensor
2009-03-02 marianAliTPCcalibBase.h AliTPCcalibBase.cxx
2009-03-02 marianRemoving coding violations (Marian)
2009-03-01 marianAliTPCReconstructor.cxx - MIP at channel 50
2009-02-28 marianAdding digitization and function GetQmax and GetQtot
2009-02-27 marianrecMC.C
2009-02-27 marianAliTPCTransform.cxx AliTPCTransform.h
2009-02-26 marianDon't store points in TLinearFitter
2009-02-26 marianPossibility to specify user defined OCDB path for
2009-02-26 marianAdding updated version of test recMC.C
2009-02-26 marianDeleting old recMC.C
2009-02-26 marianModifiing Config files according standard Config.C
2009-02-26 marianAdding possibility to use custom ExB correction map
2009-02-26 marianModification related to the new AliAnalysisTask
2009-02-25 cvetanCookShape2 method not implemented yet?
2009-02-25 marianUsing of the normalized energy deposition in default...
2009-02-24 marianAdding digitize function (Marian)
2009-02-18 fcaA modification was recently introduced in ANALYSIS...
2009-02-17 marianBug fix in the AliTPCReconstructor.
2009-02-17 haavardRead Altro configuration from DCS FXS
2009-02-17 marianAdding more track references -
2009-02-13 hristovBug fix in the calculation of cluster and sharing bitma...
2009-02-13 hristovReverting changes that used Clone() method. This method...