changed the order of call of endofcycle so that images are produced
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC /
2009-11-24 marianCalibEnv.C calibVarDescription.txt guiAlias.C
2009-11-24 marianAliTPCcalibDButil.cxx.diff Add NaN counter
2009-11-24 marianBug fix - array non initialized in certain conditions...
2009-11-24 marianGetting access to the main canvas
2009-11-23 marianAdding macro to create gui aliases
2009-11-23 marianBug fix - T0 form AliRelKamna in microseconds
2009-11-23 marianAdding alignemnt visualization (Marian)
2009-11-23 marianScipt to run/submit laser runs analysis
2009-11-23 - merge result of calibra...
2009-11-23 marianM - remove data from the...
2009-11-23 marianMarian + Jens
2009-11-23 marianUpdate data QA
2009-11-22 marianMacro to create TimeGain OCDB entry from the calibratio...
2009-11-22 marianMacros to load TPC calib libraries
2009-11-22 marianAdding defualt plots
2009-11-20 marianAliTPCTransform.cxx - use L0L1 trigger delay if...
2009-11-20 marianBug fix - interpretation of the Trigger info
2009-11-19 marianAdding export of calibration from vdrift calibration
2009-11-19 marianM AliTPCcalibCalib.cxx - set after refitting...
2009-11-19 haavardCorrect memory leak in ExtractCE (double deletion of...
2009-11-19 marianUse the time gain correction only of specified in the...
2009-11-18 marianDouble delete problem in OCDB
2009-11-18 marianDon't request reference data during reconstruction
2009-11-17 marianAliTPCcalibDButil.h - Aligngment data ...
2009-11-17 marianAliTPCcalibDB.cxx.difF Add possibility to get...
2009-11-17 marianCreateRefMap.C new macro to create...
2009-11-17 hristovMajor update of the CMake compilation:
2009-11-16 marianMove the documentaion to the scripts directory
2009-11-16 marianM - remove the ssyswatch...
2009-11-16 marianAdding histograms for absolute z residuals
2009-11-16 fcaimpoved num precision
2009-11-15 marianAliTPCcalibDButil.h.diff fix forward...
2009-11-15 marianCHANGES:
2009-11-12 marianForgotten commit.
2009-11-12 marianMemory leaks removal
2009-11-11 - resubmit calibration jobns for...
2009-11-09 - print the system...
2009-11-08 marianBug fix - Not visible withour gcc
2009-11-08 marianResolved problems with merging
2009-11-08 marianAdding alarms and graphical representation of alarms
2009-11-07 marianUpdated filtering of the Goofie mesurements
2009-11-05 marianAdding the drift velocity monitoring
2009-11-05 marian1. Bug fix - double deletion, crash only in some fracti...
2009-11-04 marianAliTPCcalibDB - Applying filters for calration graph...
2009-11-04 marianAliTPCTempMap.h AliTPCTempMap.cxx - Filter values befor...
2009-11-02 marianAliTPCcalibDB.cxx - Calculate the distance to the...
2009-11-02 marianWarning removal (Marian)
2009-11-02 marianAdding Process of the TRD-TPC matching
2009-11-02 marianAdding visualization of the tree aliases
2009-11-02 marianWarning removal - Shadowed parameters
2009-11-01 haavardMake copy of temperature array before adding to CE...
2009-10-30 marianBug fix.
2009-10-30 haavardAdd protection for missing pressure sensors
2009-10-27 marianDrift velocity calibration - update
2009-10-27 marianAliTPCdataQA and AliTPCQADataMakerRec: QA update for...
2009-10-23 marianWarning removal (Marian)
2009-10-23 marianSpeed up CE code - Using floats instead of the TVectorF
2009-10-23 marianCode didn't compiled with latest trunk
2009-10-23 marianRemoved function not yet defined in STEER trunk
2009-10-22 marianM AliTPCTransform.cxx - Eff C++ warning
2009-10-22 marianEff C++ warning removal
2009-10-22 marianAliTPCcalibDButil.cxx.diff Fix validity...
2009-10-22 haavardUse DAQ_start_time/DAQ_end_time for High Voltage maps
2009-10-22 marianCheck the presence of the ExB field map
2009-10-22 marianAliTPCcalibDB.cxx - Check the OCDB info consistency
2009-10-20 haavardIntroduce "TRY" configuration (for not fully establishe...
2009-10-19 haavardCorrect typo in MapPressure
2009-10-16 marianDump OCDB variables - drift velocity
2009-10-16 marianTypo fix
2009-10-16 marianMissing protection - check the presence of array
2009-10-16 marianStronger cuts before filling histogram
2009-10-16 marianWarnig removal
2009-10-15 fcachanges in the MagF constructor
2009-10-15 haavardUpdates to keep temperature/pressure maps in CE entry...
2009-10-14 marianUsage of the time dependent corrections
2009-10-14 marianUsing the TObjArray instead of the TMap for storing...
2009-10-14 marian Adding fucntions to get timpe dependent Time0, Drift...
2009-10-14 marianEnabling drift velocity time dependent correction and the
2009-10-14 marianAliTPCcalibLaser.cxx - "More robust" drift velocity...
2009-10-14 marianForgotten removal of default ExB field
2009-10-12 marianUsage of all components of mag field
2009-10-12 marianAliTPCcalibDB.cxx AliTPCcalibDB.h - spline...
2009-10-11 marianAdding dump and analysis of syswatch logs
2009-10-11 marianAdding ranges <startRun, endRun>
2009-10-11 marianExtending trobleshouting part
2009-10-11 marian1. Extended documantation.
2009-10-08 hristovTechnical fix: reducing the virtual memory consumption
2009-10-08 marianVisualization scripts (Jens Wiechula)
2009-10-08 marianAdding helper macros for calibration visualization
2009-10-08 marianEliminating gsi specific lines
2009-10-08 marianAdding scripts for filtering
2009-10-07 fcaCoding conventions, simplifications
2009-10-07 fcaSome cleanup in the makefiles
2009-10-06 marianAddaptation to the new QA interfaces (Peter)
2009-10-06 marianAliTPCcalibDButil.cxx.diff Add Time0 creation...
2009-10-02 marianJens Wiechula changes.
2009-10-02 marianSkip the corrupted files in the train
2009-10-02 marianCheck if the file was corrupted.
2009-10-02 marianFix to bug reports:
2009-10-02 marianUpdated version - forgotten to save it before previous...