Added new static method AliAnalysisManager::GetRunFromAlienPath() that extracts the...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC /
2010-10-02 mariandeleted duplicated macro
2010-10-02 marianRegister - precalculate base corrections for fits
2010-09-29 marianBug fix.
2010-09-27 marianEnable back Time 0 correction using AliTPCCalPad.
2010-09-25 marianSecond bug fix
2010-09-24 marianBug fix - Extrapolation as constant
2010-09-20 marianGlobal fit of alignment with E field distortion map...
2010-09-18 marianAdding interface to manipulate with TGeoMatrixes.
2010-09-16 marianAliTPCclustererMI.cxx - printf statement
2010-09-16 haavardAdded code in preprocessor to handle output from new...
2010-09-16 marianAliTPCCalibCE.cxx.diff New algorithm using...
2010-09-13 marianPossibility to use TGeoMatrix functionality
2010-09-10 srosseggUpdates on the class to calculate distortions due to...
2010-09-09 marianFixing bug in the constructor, which apeared in new...
2010-09-09 srosseggChanges to use the definition of z-chamber alignments...
2010-09-08 srosseggChanges in order to save the look-up table (3D) in...
2010-09-06 marianImpementation of the validation
2010-09-06 marianBug fix - Dummy copy constructor as a private function
2010-09-06 marianAdding setter for z alignment (Marian)
2010-09-06 srosseggTwo minor bugfixes
2010-09-06 marian15 minutes interval for calculation of drift correction
2010-09-03 srosseggCoverty fixes in AliTPCCorrection
2010-09-03 srosseggFix of minor issues, which were discovered by Coverty
2010-09-02 srosseggFirst version of a class to correct for 3D Space Charges
2010-09-02 marianUpdate variable description file
2010-09-02 marianAliTPCcalibDButil and Summary text:
2010-09-02 marianFix to restore functionality.
2010-09-02 srosseggWarning fixes and minor update on IFC radius to render...
2010-08-30 marianFirst implementation of makeDeafualtPlots
2010-08-27 srosseggMinor updates (and bugfixes) to allow an efficient...
2010-08-26 marianFixed the "next DDL link" condition in the iteration...
2010-08-26 srosseggBugfix to use cylindrical coordinates consitently ...
2010-08-26 srosseggThe previous commit 43117 was done by Stefan. This...
2010-08-26 marianAliTPCCorrection.h ... additional funtional...
2010-08-25 marianAliTPCAnalysisTaskcalib.cxx - Disable creation of debug...
2010-08-25 marianOut of boundaries error fix
2010-08-20 hristovFix for bug #70969: Memory leaks in AliTPCcalibDButil
2010-07-30 marianUpdated alignment:
2010-07-30 marianadding the test for THnSparse
2010-07-29 hristovAdditional changes for report #70680 AliROOT Coverity...
2010-07-28 marianUpdate for extraction of 3D cluster residual maps
2010-07-27 marianAdding the function:
2010-07-27 hristovChanges for bug #70680: AliROOT Coverity DELETE_ARRAY...
2010-07-26 marianAdding new AliTPCExBEffectiveSector class
2010-07-26 marian// AliTPCExBEffectiveSector class ...
2010-07-23 kowal2Temporary protection if one runs raw->sdigits for the...
2010-07-23 kowal2The LHC clock phase stored also in the Raw2SDigits...
2010-07-21 cvetanCorrected raw->sdigits method. Using default altro...
2010-07-21 kowal2Corrected the central electrode thickness
2010-07-20 marianWarning removal
2010-07-19 kowal2modified scripts to run on alien
2010-07-19 kowal2validation script for running on alien
2010-07-19 kowal2macro to run on alien
2010-07-19 kowal2macro to run on alien
2010-07-19 kowal2Set of files necessary to run the OCDB analysis on...
2010-07-16 hristovTemporary fix for bug #69989: TPC Crashes in simu / QA
2010-07-16 hristovCorrected signature
2010-07-16 marian AliTPCCalPad.cxx - Format warnings
2010-07-15 marianAliDigits.cxx - Format Warning removal
2010-07-15 marianReuse the TClonesArray
2010-07-15 marianWarning in message formating removal
2010-07-15 marianForgotten to commit in previous commit
2010-07-15 marianAliTPCcalibDButil.cxx - make function public -possibi...
2010-07-13 marianFor short runs additional protections
2010-07-13 marianMake the graph also in case of one point
2010-07-08 marianRemoved hardwired path
2010-07-08 marianCreation of the calibration summary files on Alien
2010-07-08 marianSpeedup of visualization.
2010-07-08 marian -- possibility to dump information in step manager
2010-07-08 kowal2Compiler warnings removed
2010-07-02 marianFast simulation of vertex shift added
2010-07-02 kowal2LHC clock phase simulation added. Set to "0", waiting...
2010-07-01 marianWarning removal - swaped initialization in constructor
2010-07-01 marianCompilation warnings removal (Marian)
2010-06-27 marianAliTPCtrackerMI.h AliTPCtrackerMI.cxx - Reconstruction...
2010-06-23 marianAliTPCcalibAlign.cxx - Protection again 0 pointer
2010-06-22 marianRemoving fatal in the OCDB access
2010-06-22 marianMakeing defualt plots - report from the raw data QA
2010-06-22 marianAdding the style for pictures
2010-06-22 marianMacro to make a summary calibration information per run
2010-06-22 marianA - make summary trees...
2010-06-22 marianUpdate of TPC RAW QA for improving DQM (see documentati...
2010-06-21 marianlibTPCcalib.pkg -
2010-06-21 marianStefan Rosegger and Jim Thomas
2010-06-17 marianchanging smoothing sigma for AliRelAlegnerKalman
2010-06-15 marianGap between paderow used for seeding as parameter in...
2010-06-12 marianCreate summary postrcript file
2010-06-11 marianProblem in merging of the time component
2010-06-10 marianUse the same truncation in the reconstruction and also
2010-06-09 marianCoding violation +
2010-06-08 marianM AliTPCcalibBase.h - SetRun function
2010-06-07 marianAdding print function
2010-06-05 marianAdding macro for ExB global fit
2010-06-01 marianUse consistently
2010-06-01 marianReturn label -1 in case of 0 accepted clusters
2010-06-01 marianProtection again divison by 0
2010-06-01 marianAdding class for effective ExB correction.
2010-05-28 kowal2gstpar calls removed, settings moved to galice.cuts
2010-05-28 hristovTechnical fix: use include instead of forward declarati...
2010-05-27 kowal2Corrected bug with MaxStep setting for geant3