A new method DrawPMDModule is added
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2008-06-09 haavardFirst version of TPCQAda (to make sure QA files can...
2008-06-09 haavardUpdate run types (PEDESTAL, PHYSICS)
2008-06-09 marianAdditional protection -
2008-06-01 marianAdding AddCovariance method
2008-06-01 marianAdding setter and getter for systematic uncertainty...
2008-06-01 marianSeting separate names for different recosntruction...
2008-06-01 marianTyping error (Marian)
2008-06-01 marianReplacing
2008-05-30 marianAdding more examples - default selections (marian)
2008-05-30 marianAdd setters and getters for filtering criteria (Marian)
2008-05-30 hristovMoving non-implemented copy conmstructor and assignment...
2008-05-29 haavardUpdates to include new run types CALIBRATION_PULSER...
2008-05-29 haavardUpdated run type specification (CALIBRATION_PULSER)
2008-05-28 marianEff c++ warnings removal (Jacek)
2008-05-28 marianAdding new functionality - Dump to visualization tree.
2008-05-28 marianAdding function to make calibration tree (Marian)
2008-05-26 marianModification for new Eve (Marian)
2008-05-26 marianAdding new Task - Krypton calibration (Jacek)
2008-05-26 marianAdding new Task for Kr analysis (Jacek)
2008-05-26 marianBug fix - integer rounding (Marian)
2008-05-26 marianAdd macro for TPC Krypton cluster analysis (Jacek)
2008-05-26 marianInitialize the transformation matrixes (Marian)
2008-05-26 marianRemove inline statement in implementetion file -
2008-05-26 marianIgnore errors in ReadGeoMatrices in case the GeoManag...
2008-05-26 marianApply selection criterias
2008-05-25 marianChange explicit user name to the $ALICE_ROOT path
2008-05-25 marianDon't call stage function (Marian)
2008-05-25 marianUse only alien for the output (Marian)
2008-05-25 marianUse my defaults
2008-05-25 marianExtended debug information (Marian)
2008-05-25 marianExtended debug information for high StreamLevels (Marian)
2008-05-25 marianUninitilized variable (Marian)
2008-05-25 marianSkip repeating entries (Marian)
2008-05-25 marianChange cut setting in order to suppress noise backgroun...
2008-05-24 marianAdding function for fast random access to the simulated...
2008-05-24 marianSpeedup the code
2008-05-24 marianAdding unchecked function (Marian)
2008-05-24 marianAliTPCclustererKr.h -
2008-05-24 marianChanges with time coordinate (Marian)
2008-05-23 marianAliTPCclustererKr.h - Adding debugging histograms
2008-05-21 marianAdding :FillClusterArray for visualization purposess...
2008-05-21 haavardRemove STAT points from HighVoltage configuration ...
2008-05-21 haavardUpdate configuration to make it possible to turn off...
2008-05-20 haavardUpdates to avoid generation of unused TClonesArray...
2008-05-19 hristovAliTPCtrackerRow::Find cannot be inline if it is in...
2008-05-18 marianHidden symbols removed (Marian)
2008-05-18 marianFirst implemnetation of the inteface to the GOOFIE
2008-05-18 marianSplitting the AliTPCtrackerMI to the two files
2008-05-17 hristovCompilation on Windows/Cygwin
2008-05-16 marianRemove nested class from AliTPCtrackerMI (Marian)
2008-05-16 marianUpdated documentation (Marian)
2008-05-15 marianChanges in order to correct fot edge effects changes...
2008-05-14 hristovCompilation with gcc 4.3.0
2008-05-13 marianAdditional functionality added
2008-05-13 marian0. Adding correction for edge effects
2008-05-13 hristovInclude needed header files (C.Holm)
2008-05-11 marianAdding the fitting for transformation with
2008-05-11 marianRemoved Memory leak
2008-05-11 marianMemory leak problems (TLinearFitter)- way around
2008-05-11 marianUsing TClonesArray::Clean instead of deleting of the
2008-05-11 marianBug fix in assignment (Marian)
2008-05-10 marianFixing part of the Coding violation
2008-05-09 marianChanging fitting formula (Marian)
2008-05-09 marianBug fix - Teminate - as virtula function
2008-05-09 cvetanFirst step towards reading of the new RCU firmware...
2008-05-07 marianAdding constructor TNamed - (Marian)
2008-05-06 hristovTracks that can be removed from ESD by the cleaning...
2008-05-06 hristovError message in case of negative segment number and...
2008-05-06 marianFixed memory leaks (Marian)
2008-05-05 marianAdding stream level and debug streamer to the base...
2008-05-05 haavardCorrect memory management
2008-04-30 haavardCorrect memory management in TPC preprocessor
2008-04-29 marianAdding consistency checks (Jens)
2008-04-28 kowal2updated
2008-04-28 kowal2updated
2008-04-28 kowal2updated
2008-04-28 kowal2updated
2008-04-25 haavardUpdates to include status maps for high voltage sensors
2008-04-24 marianExample macro with Calibration (Marian)
2008-04-24 marianRemoved compilation warnings (Marian)
2008-04-24 marianUse abstract inteface for the calibration components...
2008-04-24 marianAdding task encapsulated TPC calibration components...
2008-04-24 marian(Jens, Marian)
2008-04-24 marianImplement interface of the Base class (Marian)
2008-04-24 marianUse the inteface from AliTPCcalibBase (Magnus)
2008-04-24 marian(Marian, Magnus)
2008-04-24 marianRemove compilation warnings (Marian)
2008-04-24 marianSpelling change (Marian)
2008-04-23 marianTemporary removed information from the event HEADER...
2008-04-23 marianAdding Optional Output
2008-04-23 marianRemoved obsolete anaysis - FFT, Pedestal/Noise, CE...
2008-04-23 marianCalculate the weighted mean of the shape factor (Marian)
2008-04-23 marianIncrease the frequency of the usage GetShape
2008-04-22 morschObsolete TrackReferences related code removed.
2008-04-21 marianAdding more documentation (Marian)
2008-04-21 marianAdding StageCastor (Marian)
2008-04-19 marianAdding local mean shape to the AliTPCseed (Marian Ivanov)
2008-04-18 marianRemoved enlargment of error (Marian Ivanov)
2008-04-16 marianUse OCDB values in reconstruction - (Marian Ivanov)
2008-04-15 marianAdding base class for calibration components