adding some overall documentation of the pendolino
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC /
2010-04-29 marianfabs replacment
2010-04-28 marianMemory leak fixes.
2010-04-28 marianFixing two bugs
2010-04-28 marianUsing masses form the PDG
2010-04-28 marianForgotten commit
2010-04-28 marianCorrection classes + the Demo
2010-04-26 marianTemporary fix - to make this code compiling in v4-18...
2010-04-25 marianAliTPCcalibTime.cxx - More histogram for vertex
2010-04-22 marianadding merging procedure for distortion maps
2010-04-22 marianAliTPCcalibTime.h AliTPCcalibTime.cxx -Adding distorti...
2010-04-21 marianFixing of coding violations
2010-04-21 kowal2Central electrode updated according to the drawings...
2010-04-20 marian Code to analyze the TPC calibration and to produce...
2010-04-19 marianAdding the preprocessor for calibration
2010-04-17 fcaFrom printf to AliInfo
2010-04-12 fcaCoding Conventions
2010-04-09 fcaCoding Conventions
2010-04-06 haavardDon't exit preprocessor with error code if time graphs...
2010-04-06 haavardCheck for existence for time dependent graphs in ExtractCE
2010-04-01 fcaCoding Conventions
2010-04-01 fcaCoding Conventions
2010-03-30 kowal2Corrected bug in the gas density correction
2010-03-30 kowal2Gas values corrected for the real P/T
2010-03-29 marianModifiing macros to extract OCDB.
2010-03-29 marian// Macro to generate and update OCDB entries for a...
2010-03-29 marianMakeing run list for the OCDB browser
2010-03-29 kowal2Drift gas density corrected for the pressure.
2010-03-29 kowal2Corrected values for the drift gas mixture
2010-03-28 marianA guiAlias.C - macros from TPC/calibMacros...
2010-03-28 marianMacros moved to the TPC/scripts/OCDBscan directory
2010-03-28 marian1. Cleaning of the code
2010-03-28 marianCopy the list to the working directory
2010-03-28 marianCorrection - change of the name of the pressure sensor
2010-03-27 marianOther bug fix -
2010-03-27 marianFloating point exception fix
2010-03-23 haavardKeep track of missing DCS points in DDL maps (flagged...
2010-03-23 fca This is a backward incompatible change in AliRoot...
2010-03-23 fcaCoding Conventions
2010-03-20 fcaCoding Conventions
2010-03-19 haavardaccomodate 'x' for missing DCS point in DDL status...
2010-03-17 fcaCoding Conventions
2010-03-16 kowal2Updated CM material and added OFC and OCV segmentation.
2010-03-14 marianM AliTPCDistortionFun.C - Make more fun(ction)
2010-03-13 marianDistortion macros - very preliminary version
2010-03-13 marian Simple compiled macro for declaration of static disto...
2010-03-12 marianM - use standard halloWorld...
2010-03-12 hristovFix for report #63895: Request new reconstruction step...
2010-03-12 marianforgotten commit
2010-03-11 marian#
2010-03-11 marianScripts for the TPC OCDB scanning moved to the scrpts...
2010-03-11 marianMoving the OCDBscan scripts to the subdirectory
2010-03-11 haavardDon't fit High Voltage values (use last recorded point...
2010-03-10 marianM AliTPCcalibDButil.cxx - Protection agains...
2010-03-10 marianM AliTPCcalibDB.cxx - Missing CTP change...
2010-03-08 marianM AliTPCcalibCalib.cxx - Disabled PointCor...
2010-03-08 marianM AliTPCcalibLaser.cxx - Adding Integral of B...
2010-03-07 kowal2Updated IFC material distribution
2010-03-05 marianAliTPCcalibBase and AliTPCLaserTrack moved from the
2010-03-05 marian#
2010-03-05 marian# simple script to filter warnings in TPC code
2010-03-05 marianAttempt to get estimate of material budget
2010-03-05 fcafixing tpc warnings
2010-03-05 marianForgotten commit
2010-03-05 marianHypothetical warning removal.
2010-03-05 marian- Add merge functionality in raw data calibration class...
2010-03-04 marianCoding violation
2010-03-04 marianCoding violations
2010-03-02 marianBug fix in the interpolation
2010-03-01 marianCross library dependency removed
2010-03-01 marianBug fix -
2010-02-28 marianPossibility to reaplay alignment
2010-02-28 marianmissing commits
2010-02-28 marian- Possibility to dasable time dependent calibration
2010-02-27 marianCoding violation fixes
2010-02-27 marianCoding violation removal
2010-02-27 marian- Coding violation removal
2010-02-27 marianWarning removal.
2010-02-26 hristovFixes for report #63583: High CPU time spent in TMath...
2010-02-26 marian AliTPCLaserTrack.cxx - max snp cut added
2010-02-25 marianFix
2010-02-25 marianupdates to fix the last two QA tasks (2472 and 2474).
2010-02-24 marianAdding important addition information to the
2010-02-23 marianAttached are the updates to fix the last two QA tasks...
2010-02-22 haavardUpdates to include list of active DDLs in AltroConfig...
2010-02-17 kowal2Corrected position of the second resistor chain
2010-02-16 kowal2Adder resistor chains for guard rings, IFC
2010-02-16 kowal2Added the inner field cage segmentation
2010-02-15 mariandisable tranformation which is not yet in the OCDB
2010-02-10 kowal2Corrected makrolon rod length
2010-02-10 kowal2Overlaps removed down to 10 microns
2010-02-10 kowal2Corrected overlaps
2010-02-08 marianAliTPCcalibDB.cxx AliTPCcalibDB.h - Adding AliFatal...
2010-02-08 marianAliTPCcalibBase - use of the current event, track...
2010-02-08 marianTry to get backtraces also for err*.log
2010-02-05 kowal2Next step of updating the material.
2010-02-05 marianLoading some of the OCDB entries only on request.
2010-02-04 marianAdding the macro for setup of the TPC calibration
2010-02-03 marianTPCCEda.cxx.diff Allow to change the monitoring...
2010-02-03 marianRESET detector function implemented
2010-02-03 kowal2more corrections