New PID Classes
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2012-08-01 shahoianBringing CMakeLists under svn maintenance
2012-07-16 mikolajremoves OCDB access during merging by splitting out...
2012-07-16 mikolajfixes the out of bounds messages on accessing empty...
2012-07-03 marianReplacing AliInfo with AliDebug -level 5
2012-06-25 kowal2Backward compatibility protection added. AliTPC constru...
2012-06-25 kowal2Drift gas selection via title in the AliTPC constructor
2012-06-21 hristovCompatibility with the Root trunk
2012-06-11 fcaCompatibility with ROOT trunk
2012-06-08 hristovFix for #95217: changes in TPC/AliTPCCorrectionFit...
2012-06-07 marianProtection in case of missing alignment.
2012-06-07 jthaederBugfix ... copy and paste error ...spotted by coverity
2012-06-06 fcaCompatibility with the trunk of root
2012-06-05 marianRemoved not needed tracker.
2012-06-05 marianRemoving obsolete macros which used the AliTPCtracker
2012-06-05 jthaederRemoval of obsolete class : AliTPCtracker
2012-06-04 jthaederadjusting the initialisation
2012-06-04 jthaederImplement fully copy & assignment operators to fix...
2012-06-01 jthaederChange from TObjArray to TMap to avoid warnings (Mikolaj)
2012-05-31 jthaederCommit to circumvent bug deep in ROOT IO ..
2012-05-25 hristovModifications in CMake* files to export all required...
2012-05-16 marianWarning removal.
2012-05-15 marianProtection against empty histogram.
2012-05-11 marianChange to increase the statistic in the TRD=TPC at...
2012-05-11 marianAliTPCPreprocessorOffline.h AliTPCPreprocessorOffline...
2012-05-11 marianAliTPCRecoParam.cxx - Removing old comment
2012-05-11 marianAdding first version of class for the TPC correction...
2012-05-11 jthaederfix of divison by 0 (Jens)
2012-05-09 jthaederCreate active channel map
2012-05-09 marianUse positive half of a mirrored axis instead of the...
2012-05-07 marian For the THnSparse data members limit the statistic...
2012-05-07 marianUse THnBase instead THnSparse
2012-05-07 marianGetter for subcorrections
2012-05-07 marianRemoving obsolete class
2012-05-07 marianTest skip bit
2012-05-07 marianAliTPCcalibTimeGain.cxx - Additional protection - check...
2012-05-07 marianRemoving obsolete class
2012-05-07 marianRemoving obsolete class. Algorithm was rewritten by...
2012-05-07 marianRemoving obsolete functions not realted to the calibration
2012-05-07 marian- Pt downscaling fuction
2012-05-07 marianAliTPCcalibAlign.h AliTPCcalibAlign.cxx - Replacing...
2012-05-06 marian1. Protection against 0 error estimate
2012-05-05 marianUsing the TRD friend track for monitoring of the TPC...
2012-05-02 marianAdditional protection.
2012-05-01 marianRemoving obsolete macros
2012-05-01 marianRemoving obsolete macros
2012-05-01 marianRemoving obsolete macros
2012-04-23 marianMonitoring of gain per chamber
2012-04-23 jthaedertemplate function for automized dead channel map
2012-04-23 marianGain calibration per chamber:
2012-04-23 jthaederfix display of calibration type in CalibViewer (Jens)
2012-04-21 marianReducing systematic effect in the cluster position.
2012-04-21 marianAssign track label pi to the raw digits, to be consiten...
2012-04-17 marianAdding protection.
2012-04-17 marianLogarithmic binning for TAxis
2012-04-05 jthaederFix for memory leak as reported in https://savannah...
2012-04-05 jthaederThe SVN comment: coverity 19780, 19702 fixed
2012-04-02 jotwinowcomment out DumpTrack function (M. Krzewicki)
2012-03-29 hristovCoverity fix (Jens)
2012-03-28 jthaedermacros to be used to compare TPC and HLT clusters in...
2012-03-28 jthaederTPC DQM update to have 2d occupancy plot and to disable...
2012-03-26 jthaederbetter access to sector cluster array: using FindObject...
2012-03-23 marianIndex: AliTPCClusterParam.h - Usage of the...
2012-03-14 kowal2Thermal shield ITS-TPC added
2012-03-03 marianPossibility to specify GEM readout option
2012-03-03 marianAdding macro to create Pad response function for the...
2012-03-03 marianUsing the rescaling using angular rescaling only.
2012-02-28 marianChecking the refenece - protection agains division...
2012-02-28 marian1. Adding run-by-run Twist and alignment coeficient...
2012-02-27 marianUsing the same enlargement factor - systematic errors...
2012-02-26 hristovCoverity fixes (Jens)
2012-02-25 hristovFixes for #86059: Install data when ALICE_ROOT does...
2012-02-25 hristovCoverity fixes (Jens)
2012-02-24 hristovBetter fix for coverity
2012-02-24 hristovCoverity 18574 + warnings
2012-02-23 marianExtended documentation part of the class
2012-02-16 hristovFix for #91291: Fix for TPC/AliTPCMonitorDateMonitor...
2012-02-01 jthaeder bugfix (Matthias)
2012-01-31 jthaedercoverity fix (Ruben)
2012-01-30 jthaedercoverity fix for 18249
2012-01-30 jthaedercoverity fixes (Jens)
2012-01-30 jthaeder1) In AliTPCseed::RefitTrack(), we now also take into...
2012-01-25 marianRemoving obsolete macros
2012-01-24 marianCosmic tracker as an intergral part of the central...
2012-01-24 marianRemoving the AliESDCosmicTrack.
2012-01-24 hristovRemoving warnings
2012-01-23 marianCoverity
2012-01-22 marianCoverity warning removal
2012-01-21 marianCoverity fix
2012-01-20 fcaPartially fixing TClonesArray create / delete
2012-01-19 fcaFixing a possible leak, logics still flawed though...
2012-01-18 marian//
2012-01-13 hristovReverting the full pools implementation
2012-01-11 hristovMoving PWG1 to PWGPP
2012-01-05 fcaFixing index
2011-12-27 kowal2protection against diviion by zero - coverity issue
2011-12-16 jthaederfix for coverity issues : 17923
2011-12-16 jthaederNew CE DA ... (Jens)
2011-12-16 jthaederFix for coverity : 18344, 18422
2011-12-15 jotwinowTPC HV dip status
2011-12-14 jthaederCoverity fixes for :