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2008-07-15 marianFixed bug in the documentation (Marian)
2008-07-15 marianRemoved hardwired path
2008-07-15 marianAdding new functionality needed to speed up HLT
2008-07-14 marianAdding example code how to analyze the results from...
2008-07-13 marianEnable all components in Caibration example macro
2008-07-13 marianReinitialize TLinearFitter on the Proof
2008-07-13 marianUse static objects - TLinear fitter in order to save...
2008-07-13 marianChanging constructors + Changes in order to reinitializ...
2008-07-12 haavardRemoved list of HighVoltage STATus entries in OCDB...
2008-07-11 haavardRemove High Voltage STATus values from preprocessor...
2008-07-10 marianUpdate in visulaization (Marian)
2008-07-07 marianThe TPC Altro mapping is now read from file when the...
2008-07-06 marianAdding fitting of B scanned values (Marian)
2008-07-06 marian1. Changing the binning
2008-07-06 marianAdding prototype of global fitting function (Marian)
2008-07-04 marian(Jens Viechula)
2008-07-04 marianAdding ExB fit (Marian)
2008-07-04 hristovRemoving the assign operator (Yves)
2008-07-04 marianAdding fits of the distortions (Marian)
2008-07-02 marianAdding default histograms and default selections ...
2008-07-02 marianApply gain calibration for dEdx calculation (Marian)
2008-07-02 marianAdding apply the Gain map in the dEdx calculation
2008-07-02 haavardCorrect error handling in ExtractQA
2008-07-01 marianUpdated example macro for TPC calibration (Marian)
2008-07-01 marianPreprocessing of the Laser information (Marian)
2008-06-30 marianMerge function virtual (Marian)
2008-06-30 marianUpdated propagation to the mirror
2008-06-30 marianMerging implementation (Marian)
2008-06-30 marianCorrected association algortihtm
2008-06-30 marianAdding the array of ideal (measured) position of the...
2008-06-30 cvetanFix to the fix: reverting the last commit in AliTPCPara...
2008-06-26 marianPrivate copy cosntructor (Marian)
2008-06-26 marianAdding possibility to use custom Gain map for dEdx...
2008-06-26 marianAliTPCcalibLaser.h - Adding run number
2008-06-26 marianAdding possibility to get run number (Marian)
2008-06-26 marianAdding laser track - ideal mean track(Jens)
2008-06-26 marianAdding new class - AliTPCLaserTrack (Jens)
2008-06-26 cvetanFix for the mirrored C-side TPC sectors (Marek). Remova...
2008-06-25 marianAdding missing include files
2008-06-25 hristovUsing EMCAL_COMPLETE by default (Jennifer)
2008-06-25 haavardNew temperature sensor configuration (bad sensors removed)
2008-06-24 marianAdding missing deletion of array (Jacek)
2008-06-24 marianChanges for HLT (Jacek)
2008-06-24 marianThe reconstruction setup for TPC +ITS
2008-06-23 marian1. Adjusting output file name - More than one slave...
2008-06-22 marianUsing new convention
2008-06-21 marianUpdated example macro for TPC calibration (Marian)
2008-06-21 marian1. Adding function to find cosmic track pairs
2008-06-20 marianSkeleteon for calibration using laser tracks (Marian)
2008-06-20 marianUpdated example macros for TPC calibration (Marian)
2008-06-20 marian1. Making TPC calibration task working on PROOF
2008-06-19 marianAdding more detailed documentation (Stefan Rossegger)
2008-06-17 marianCheck the presence of the input file
2008-06-16 marianSkeleton for the Laser CE analysis
2008-06-16 haavardCorrections to storage of QA entry to OCDB
2008-06-16 kowal2rotr replaced with a pointer *rotr
2008-06-15 marianAdding new classes for numerical debugging
2008-06-15 marianAdding debug stream for first track reconstrunction...
2008-06-15 marianRemoved completelly high noise at channel > 700 (Marian)
2008-06-14 haavardAdd Shuttle handling of QA
2008-06-13 morschrotation object replaced by pointer
2008-06-13 kowal2corrected resistir rods
2008-06-13 marianDump the debug information for the ErrorParam only...
2008-06-13 marian1. Adding protection against the "digital noise" clusters
2008-06-13 kowal2Corrected overlaps
2008-06-13 kowal2Added new materials
2008-06-12 marianAdding example how to submit jobs
2008-06-12 marianAdding example for coping of data (Marian)
2008-06-12 marianAdd hierarchical creation of destination directories...
2008-06-12 marianProtection against 0 pointer (Marian)
2008-06-12 marianAdditional debug information (Marian)
2008-06-11 marianMinimize the interaction with the IO
2008-06-11 marianRemoving staging script
2008-06-11 marianAdding protection - in case of several agents try to...
2008-06-11 marianModification of the calibration software
2008-06-11 marianAdding TPC specific information about events
2008-06-11 morschOverlap corrected. (M. Kowalski)
2008-06-09 haavardFirst version of TPCQAda (to make sure QA files can...
2008-06-09 haavardUpdate run types (PEDESTAL, PHYSICS)
2008-06-09 marianAdditional protection -
2008-06-01 marianAdding AddCovariance method
2008-06-01 marianAdding setter and getter for systematic uncertainty...
2008-06-01 marianSeting separate names for different recosntruction...
2008-06-01 marianTyping error (Marian)
2008-06-01 marianReplacing
2008-05-30 marianAdding more examples - default selections (marian)
2008-05-30 marianAdd setters and getters for filtering criteria (Marian)
2008-05-30 hristovMoving non-implemented copy conmstructor and assignment...
2008-05-29 haavardUpdates to include new run types CALIBRATION_PULSER...
2008-05-29 haavardUpdated run type specification (CALIBRATION_PULSER)
2008-05-28 marianEff c++ warnings removal (Jacek)
2008-05-28 marianAdding new functionality - Dump to visualization tree.
2008-05-28 marianAdding function to make calibration tree (Marian)
2008-05-26 marianModification for new Eve (Marian)
2008-05-26 marianAdding new Task - Krypton calibration (Jacek)
2008-05-26 marianAdding new Task for Kr analysis (Jacek)
2008-05-26 marianBug fix - integer rounding (Marian)
2008-05-26 marianAdd macro for TPC Krypton cluster analysis (Jacek)
2008-05-26 marianInitialize the transformation matrixes (Marian)
2008-05-26 marianRemove inline statement in implementetion file -