Switch to the new raw reader (Julian, Raphaelle)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD / AliTRDCalibPadStatus.h
2010-07-03 cblumeSwitch to the new raw reader (Julian, Raphaelle)
2010-01-28 cblumeNew reader for the pedestal run and vdrift (Julian...
2009-08-20 cblumeCoding rules
2008-11-12 fcaCorrect character constantness
2008-10-26 hristovFixed misuse of const
2008-10-14 cblumeTake number of non-empty events and the raw data format...
2008-06-03 cblumeReplace plane by layer and chamber by stack
2008-04-04 cblumeUpdate of DAQ DAs for trunk version
2008-01-25 cblumeAdapt to Mateusz modifications
2007-12-13 cblumeUpdate by Raphaelle
2007-12-03 cvetanConst method does not compile in case the DATE is installed
2007-11-29 cblumecoding violations
2007-10-30 cblumeUpdate by Raphaelle
2007-08-29 cblumeModifications in the calibration/preprocessor for new...
2007-07-26 cblumeSplit DAQ DA into two tasks
2007-07-06 cblumeUpdate on calibration classes by Raphaelle
2007-06-19 cblumeMove pad planes from AliTRDCommomParam to AliTRDgeometry
2007-06-08 cblumeSmall update by Raphaelle AliTRDCalibPadStatus (some...
2007-05-30 cblumeNew DAQ calibration DAs by Raphaelle