Removal of old raw reader calls (Raphaelle)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD / AliTRDCalibraFillHisto.cxx
2010-11-05 cblumeRemoval of old raw reader calls (Raphaelle)
2010-10-22 cblumeFix Coverity defect (Raphaelle)
2010-10-19 cblumeCoverity fixes by Raphaelle
2010-10-11 cblumeMore Coverity stuff ..
2010-09-15 cblumeTake automaticaly the gain factors used during the...
2010-07-03 cblumeSwitch to the new raw reader (Julian, Raphaelle)
2010-06-23 cblumeBug fixes as suggested by Matus and updates for pass0...
2010-06-02 cblumeUpdate of calibration code (Raphaelle)
2010-02-12 cblumeIntroduce chamber wise NTimeBins and ADCbaseline to...
2010-02-03 cblumeFix compilation problems in DAs
2010-01-28 cblumeNew reader for the pedestal run and vdrift (Julian...
2009-12-09 cblumea/ AliTRDCalibraFillHisto.cxx .h:
2009-11-27 cblumeAdd an additional protection (Raphaelle)
2009-11-27 cblumeRemove calls to AliTRDcalibDB::GetNumberOfTimeBins()
2009-10-07 cblumeMove from THnSparseS to TH2S and changes due to shared...
2009-09-23 cblumeUpdate by Raphaelle
2009-09-15 cblumeAdd newline at the end
2009-09-13 cblumeUpdate of initialization for HLT
2009-08-20 cblumeCoding rules
2009-08-05 cblumeCoding rules
2009-06-10 cblumeAliTRDCalibraFillHisto
2009-03-16 cblumeFix compiler warnings
2009-03-04 abercucirename constant kNTimeBins to kNclusters to reflect...
2009-02-25 hristovMajor update for the TRD tracking code
2009-02-23 cblumeUpdate for clusters shared by pad rows
2009-02-04 cblumeRemove dependecies on obsolete classes: AliTRDmcmTrackl...
2009-02-02 fcaWhen calculating a*a-b*b the form (a-b)*(a+b) is usuall...
2008-12-15 cblumeUpdates of the calibration code after calibration of...
2008-09-04 cblumeFix some memory leaks
2008-08-29 cblumeSkip non existing data points w/o giving an error
2008-08-13 cblumeUpdate of pad status calculation (pad capacity dep...
2008-07-03 cblumeBug fixes
2008-06-03 cblumeReplace plane by layer and chamber by stack
2008-05-26 cblumeUpdate in the interface for HLT and for visualization
2008-05-19 fcaRemoving shadowed variables
2008-04-18 cblumeUpdates for the TRD DAs on DAQ by Raphaelle
2008-04-04 cblumeUpdate of DAQ DAs for trunk version
2008-02-19 cblumeAdaption to the new run type names
2008-01-29 cblumeUpdates for the tracking code for calibration/alignment...
2007-12-13 cblumeUpdate by Raphaelle
2007-12-12 cblumeNew version of raw reader
2007-12-07 cblumeReplace AliTRDRawStreamV2 by AliTRDRawStreamTB
2007-10-30 cblumeUpdate by Raphaelle
2007-10-15 cblumeCoding conventions
2007-09-19 cblumeIntroduction of AliTRDtransform. Cluster coordinates...
2007-08-29 cblumeModifications in the calibration/preprocessor for new...
2007-08-07 hristovGetPt() changed to GetSignedPt(). Get1Pt() changed...
2007-08-03 cblumeNew function in AliTRDCalibraFillHisto that takes only...
2007-07-09 cblumeSmall additional update by Raphaelle
2007-07-06 cblumeUpdate on calibration classes by Raphaelle
2007-06-19 cblumeMove pad planes from AliTRDCommomParam to AliTRDgeometry
2007-05-30 cblumeNew DAQ calibration DAs by Raphaelle
2007-05-06 cblumeGo back to previous version of simulation
2007-03-21 cblumeComplier warnings
2007-03-21 cblumeReplace AliTRDCalibra
2007-03-21 cblumeReplace AliTRDCalibra