Fix coverity defect
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD / AliTRDCommonParam.h
2009-08-04 cblumeCoding rules
2009-02-13 cblumeMove the diffusion coefficients, the time structure...
2008-09-04 cblumeSuppress AliGeoManager warnings for disabled supermodules
2008-07-25 cblumeMove SM status to AliTRDCommonParam to have the informa...
2008-06-03 cblumeReplace plane by layer and chamber by stack
2007-10-30 cblumeProvide a special IO ctor for the parameter singleton...
2007-06-19 cblumeMove pad planes from AliTRDCommomParam to AliTRDgeometry
2007-01-30 cblumeMove sampling frequency to common params
2006-12-08 cblumeSome cleanup and effc++ modifications AliTRDtracker
2006-08-11 cblumeMake destructor public
2006-08-10 cblumeFirst round of effc++ changes
2006-01-18 cblumeUpdate of calibration framework
2005-12-20 cblumeUpdates by Jan Fiete for PRF in DB
2005-12-16 cblumeFirst implementation of calibration scheme by Jan Fiete