Take out the XML parser for the time being
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD / AliTRDPreprocessor.cxx
2008-06-03 cblumeTake out the XML parser for the time being
2008-06-03 cblumeIntroduce DCS FXS data into preprocessor (Frederick)
2008-03-26 cblumeList of run types in the constructor
2008-02-19 cblumeAdaption to the new run type names
2008-01-25 cblumeUpdates by Raphaelle
2007-11-30 cblumeAnd some more cleanup
2007-11-09 cblumeModifications in the DCS part by Raphaelle
2007-10-30 cblumeUpdate by Raphaelle
2007-10-05 cblumeImplementation the function AliTRDPreprocessor::Process...
2007-08-29 cblumeModifications in the calibration/preprocessor for new...
2007-08-01 cblumeSmall modifications by Raphaelle
2007-07-26 cblumeSplit DAQ DA into two tasks
2007-07-06 cblumeUpdate on calibration classes by Raphaelle
2007-06-21 cblumeNew AliTRDSensor classes by Wilfried
2007-05-31 cblumeNew DCS code by Wilfried
2007-04-17 cblumeUpdate by Raphaelle
2007-03-21 cblumeUpdate of preprocessor by Raphaelle
2007-01-31 cblumeUpadte of preprocessor by Raphaelle
2006-12-06 cblumeChange of procedure of storing the reference data
2006-12-06 cblumeModifications by Alberto
2006-12-04 cblumeAdd the first version of the TRD preprocessor