a/ AliTRDCalibTask.cxx .h: one histo more to quantify the event selection if any...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD / AliTRDPreprocessorOffline.cxx
2011-01-10 cblumea/ AliTRDCalibTask.cxx .h: one histo more to quantify...
2010-12-20 cblumeFix compiler warning (Julian)
2010-12-16 cblumeFix coverity defect
2010-12-14 cblumeFix memory related problem (Julian)
2010-12-14 cblumeFix coverity defect (Julian)
2010-12-13 cblumeImplementation of pass0 in automatic procedure (Julian)
2010-09-15 cblumeTake automaticaly the gain factors used during the...
2010-09-08 cblumeAdd two lines (Raphaelle)
2010-08-18 cblumeAdd validation function for pass0
2010-06-23 cblumeBug fixes as suggested by Matus and updates for pass0...
2010-06-02 cblumeUpdate of calibration code (Raphaelle)
2010-05-28 cblumeAdd offline preprocessor for pass0 calibration (Raphaelle)