Small speedup for a very often used function
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD / AliTRDchamberTimeBin.cxx
2009-07-30 cblumeSmall speedup for a very often used function
2009-05-15 abercuci- add LUT correction for y coordinate of clusters ...
2009-03-21 hristovCorrected loop in method Clear
2009-03-03 abercuciupdate the calculation of used clusters per tracklet
2009-01-22 abercuciminor changes:
2008-12-13 abercucinew debugging structure in the reconstruction (Markus)
2008-10-29 abercuci- fix cluster ownership problems in time bin container
2008-10-26 hristovFixed misuse of const
2008-10-09 abercuciimproved verbosity in the tracking sector
2008-10-01 abercuciupdated view of the trigger sources in AliTRDcheckDetector
2008-09-24 abercuci- introduce iterators for speeding up the code for...
2008-08-05 cblumeUpdate of reco param by Alex
2008-07-22 cvetanMajor commit related to steering of the reco parameters...
2008-07-02 cblumeBug fix in cluster search
2008-07-01 cblumeFix of another memory leak
2008-06-02 cblumeEnlarging the recoParam functionality and populating...
2008-02-14 cblumefixed a bug in AliTRDchamberTimeBin::GetClusters()
2008-02-14 cblumeUpdate of tracking code (alignment/calibration awareness)