- test commit
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD / AliTRDgtuParam.h
2013-10-11 Jochen Klein- test commit
2013-09-28 jklein- gtuTMU: limit number of tracklets per layer as in...
2013-05-14 jklein- update of GTU simulation
2011-07-14 jklein- extend debug output for GTU simulation
2011-07-06 jkleinupdate of GTU simulation
2011-07-05 jkleinremove trailing whitespaces
2011-04-20 cblume- fix for track writing (before accumulated over events)
2010-03-22 cblumechange GetRadius(...) to GetPt(...) and use configurabl...
2009-08-06 cblumeCoding rules and warnings
2009-04-08 cblumeSummary of changes:
2008-10-20 cblumeCompiler warnings and coding conventions
2008-10-16 cblumeAdd Jochens GTU simulation code