Bug fix for the case of more than 30 timebins
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD / AliTRDrawStream.cxx
2009-09-01 cblumeBug fix for the case of more than 30 timebins
2009-08-31 cblume1. more than 30 timebin data reading is available now...
2009-08-14 cblumeAdd new fast raw data streamer
2009-08-12 cblumeBug fix by MinJung
2009-08-07 cblumeCoding rules
2009-08-05 cblumeCoding rules
2009-07-31 cblumeBug detail:
2009-07-27 cblumeBug detail:
2009-07-03 cblumeUpdate on raw reader (MinJung)
2009-05-15 cblumeChange pretrigger phase to 2 (Matus)
2009-03-02 cblumeCoding conventions
2009-02-16 cblumechages:
2009-02-02 cblumeIntroduce decoding of configuration data
2009-01-27 cblumeUpdate of raw data simulation by WooJin
2009-01-05 cblumeRawstream classes and digitsManager of AliTRD now chang...
2008-11-20 cblumeAdd missing modification due to new digits arrays
2008-10-30 cblumeDecoding of TRAP info
2008-10-27 cblumeNew raw data simulation by WooJin