temporary bug fix (speed issues)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD / AliTRDseedV1.h
2009-08-07 cblumeCoding rules
2009-07-27 cblumeSpeed increase (mainly for offline), at least factor...
2009-06-29 cblumeMake some calculations optional for HLT
2009-06-07 abercucidefine roads dynamically when attaching clusters based on
2009-06-05 abercucirestructure error calculation :
2009-05-29 abercuciadd corresponding TRD modifications to fulfill request...
2009-05-15 abercuci- add LUT correction for y coordinate of clusters ...
2009-05-14 abercuci- cache a larger number of elements from the Kalman...
2009-04-08 abercucimajor TRD reconstruction update
2009-04-01 abercuciremove defnition of cluster correction
2009-03-31 abercucistore pt in the tracklet instead of momentum
2009-03-23 abercuci- Prepare covariance matrix manipulation in the trackle...
2009-03-19 abercuciA major update in the tracking code is available in...
2009-03-06 abercucifix typo
2009-03-06 abercuci- cache pad width in the tracklet - needed to recalcula...
2009-03-04 abercucirename constant kNTimeBins to kNclusters to reflect...
2009-03-04 abercucimove offline TRD tracklet to the right inheritance...
2009-03-02 hristov- Move to the new attaching cluster to tracklet procedu...
2009-02-26 abercucicorrect also z coordinate calculation (GetZ())
2009-02-26 abercucicorrect definition of y coordinate (GetY())
2009-02-25 hristovMajor update for the TRD tracking code
2009-01-16 abercuci! MAJOR ! update in the TRD tracking
2009-01-08 abercucipropagate cluster error parametrization
2008-12-15 abercucifix tracklet fit in the reconstruction code
2008-12-04 abercucimodify the used interface
2008-12-04 abercuciadded track covariance matrix (yz plane) to the tracklet
2008-12-02 cblumeAdditional setters and getters
2008-11-27 abercuciextend functionality for HLT usage and improved verbosi...
2008-10-30 abercuciintroduced a bootstrapping function to recover derived...
2008-10-09 abercuci- fix tilting pad correction in Attach and Fit tracklets
2008-09-25 abercuciintroduced backward iterator for clusters
2008-09-25 abercuciIntroduce iterator for looping over clusters
2008-09-01 abercuciextend and fix tracklet fit procedure
2008-08-27 abercucifix for HLT stand alone track finder
2008-08-14 abercucicontinue on fixing the memory leak. Here is the result...
2008-08-12 abercucifix a clash with the status bits reserved by ROOT
2008-08-11 abercucifixes for memory leak in AliTRDtrackV1::Clone()
2008-08-11 cblumeTake out print statements
2008-08-11 cblumeFix memory leak
2008-08-05 cblumeUpdate of reco param by Alex
2008-05-26 cblumeUpdate in the interface for HLT and for visualization
2008-04-21 cblumeBug fix by M.Fasel for parallel tracks
2008-03-14 cblumeImprovement of the z resolution for tracklets crossing...
2008-02-14 cblumeUpdate of tracking code (alignment/calibration awareness)
2008-01-29 cblumeUpdates for the tracking code for calibration/alignment...
2008-01-09 cblumeNew tracker by Markus and Alexandru
2007-12-21 cblumeGo back to old version and Merry Christmas
2007-12-21 cblumeUpdated tracking code by Alexandru und Markus
2007-11-29 cblumecoding violations
2007-11-29 cblumeNew stand alone tracking by Alexadru and Martin