fix coverity
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD / AliTRDtrack.cxx
2010-10-27 abercucifix coverity
2010-10-22 abercucicoverity fixes
2010-10-19 abercuciremove GetBz function (bug 74121)
2009-11-30 cblumeRemove AliTRDcalibDB:GetNumberOfTimeBins()
2009-08-07 cblumeCoding rules
2009-01-26 abercuciremove dependence on the AliTRDReconstructor from the...
2008-10-08 abercuciintroduce tracking efficiency for each species
2008-08-05 cblumeUpdate of reco param by Alex
2008-06-10 cblumeIntroduce an enumerator for PID methods
2008-06-03 cblumeReplace plane by layer and chamber by stack
2008-05-16 cblumeUpdate of the old TRD tracker for the new raw PID repre...
2008-05-09 hristovNew representation of the raw TRD PID signal in ESD...
2008-04-11 hristovInitialization of arrays-data memebers(Alex)
2008-01-10 cblumePut back FillResiduals
2008-01-09 cblumeNew tracker by Markus and Alexandru
2007-12-18 cblumeAdd the call to Iouris residual calculation
2007-11-29 cblumeNew stand alone tracking by Alexadru and Martin
2007-11-09 cblumeCoding rule violations
2007-09-26 cblumeFirst implementation of neural network PID
2007-09-19 cblumeIntroduction of AliTRDtransform. Cluster coordinates...
2007-08-23 cblumeReintroduce the sqrt for the track length as indicated...
2007-08-07 hristovGetPt() changed to GetSignedPt(). Get1Pt() changed...
2007-08-03 cblumeNew calculation of material budget
2007-07-31 cblumeChange treatment of high and low momentum tracks in...
2007-07-26 cblumeRename AliTRDCalPIDLQ
2007-07-26 cblumeChange of PID calculation by Alexandru
2007-06-25 cblumeUpdates on PID by Alexandru
2007-01-16 hristovAdditional protection in case of very slow particles
2006-09-19 cblumeRemove dEdxT, some cleanup
2006-09-18 hristovRemoving debug printout (Yu.Belikov)
2006-09-05 hristovCommon track parametrization in the barrel detectors...
2006-08-28 cblumeRemove dEdxT
2006-08-12 cblumeAnother round of effc++ changes
2006-05-06 hristovReturn the most probable momentum if the magnetic field...
2006-04-29 hristovUpdated TRD PID for electrons. Additional information...
2006-04-26 hristovCoding conventions, clean-up and related changes
2006-04-22 hristovEffective C++ initialization of data members in the...
2006-04-16 hristovRemoving wrong inline from the implementation file
2006-04-16 hristovCoding conventions (C.Blume)
2006-03-20 hristovIntegration of the material budget (M.Ivanov)
2006-02-23 hristovInitialization of data members (M.Ivanov)
2006-02-23 hristovConsistent usage of the magnetic field interface (Yu...
2006-02-08 hristovAdditional protection and change in the interface ...
2006-02-07 hristovESD track based on AliExternalTrackParam. Class redesig...
2005-12-16 cblumeFirst implementation of calibration scheme by Jan Fiete
2005-11-29 hristovFixing bug in the Kalman update of the covariance matri...
2005-11-25 hristovProtection in case of irrealistic estimation of the...
2005-11-24 hristovInitialization of variables in the constructors (M...
2005-10-20 hristovAdditiona data members for the time bins and material...
2005-08-02 hristovPropagateToR and PropagateToX using the mean material...
2005-07-08 hristovTracking in non-uniform nmagnetic field (Yu.Belikov)
2005-06-22 hristovUsing TMath::Abs
2005-06-21 hristovUpdated version of the TRD reconstruction (M.Ivanov)
2005-03-23 cblumeRemove some coding violations
2005-01-26 hristovRemoving wide clusters from the reconstruction (M.Ivanov)
2004-11-03 hristovRemoving AliBarrelTrack class (Yu.Belikov)
2004-11-01 hristovRemoving obsolete code (Yu.Belikov)
2004-10-26 hristovReconstruction and PID using transition radiation photo...
2004-10-13 hristovStoring angle alpha for the tracks stopped at TRD....
2004-10-08 hristovTRD track crossing the material: storing the parameters...
2004-07-27 hristovTypo
2004-07-16 hristovFixes needed for the TRD production (M.Ivanov)
2004-05-26 hristovSplitting of TRD library (T.Kuhr)
2004-03-12 hristovCopying dE/dx in the constructors (Yu.Belikov)
2004-02-02 hristovTaking into account the cluster displacement. Stop...
2004-01-21 hristovRefit using already found clusters. Increasing the...
2003-11-27 hristovBug fixes in RefitInward (Yu.Belikov)
2003-11-13 hristovImplementation of refit inward (T.Kuhr)
2003-09-18 cblumeGeometry update, Removal of compiler warnings
2003-07-22 hristovImplementing ESD functionality in the NewIO (Yu.Belikov)
2003-07-14 hristovLog replaced by Id
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-05-27 hristovTRD PID included in the ESD schema (T.Kuhr)
2003-05-22 hristovUsing access methods instead of data members
2003-04-10 hristovCode for unified TPC/TRD tracking (S.Radomski)
2003-02-19 hristovTrack time measurement (S.Radomski)
2003-02-10 cblumeAdd tracking without tilted pads as option
2003-01-27 cblumeUpdate of tracking by Sergei and Chuncheng
2002-11-07 cblumeUpdate of tracking code for tilted pads
2002-10-22 alibraryIntroducing Riostream.h
2002-10-14 hristovMerging the VirtualMC branch to the main development...
2002-06-13 hristovMinor corrections
2002-06-12 cblumeUpdate of tracking code provided by Sergei
2002-03-28 cblumeCoding conventions
2001-05-30 hristovLoop variables declared once
2001-05-28 hristovLast minute changes; ExB correction in AliTRDclusterize...
2001-05-07 cblumeUpdate of TRD code
2001-02-05 hristovCompare() declared const (R.Brun)
2000-12-08 cblumeUpdate of the tracking by Sergei
2000-10-15 cblumeRemove AliTRDconst
2000-10-06 cblumeMade Getters const