Adjust needed statistics for Vd calibration and normalization with TPC signal for...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD / AliTRDtrackingChamber.h
2010-06-15 cblume- speed up T0 average calculation significantly
2010-06-14 cblume- speed up HLT tracking by moving ReimanFit to MakeTrack
2010-03-24 abercuciupdates requested by HLT
2009-08-07 cblumeCoding rules
2009-03-03 abercuciupdate the calculation of used clusters per tracklet
2008-10-29 abercuci- fix cluster ownership problems in time bin container
2008-10-09 abercuciimproved verbosity in the tracking sector
2008-10-09 abercucisecond interation in improving debug stream in AttachCl...
2008-10-09 abercuciimprove debug streaming in AttachClusters
2008-09-18 abercucispeed up for HLT (Konstantin Markus Alex Raphaelle)
2008-08-05 cblumeUpdate of reco param by Alex
2008-07-01 cblumeFix of another memory leak
2008-02-19 cblumecosmetic changes to the code in which the number of...
2008-02-14 cblumeUpdate of tracking code (alignment/calibration awareness)