Adjust needed statistics for Vd calibration and normalization with TPC signal for...
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2009-10-22 abercuci- finish work on track/tracklet propagation status...
2009-07-08 cblumeUpdate of reconstruction documentation
2009-06-24 cblumeExtended documentation of the reconstruction procedures...
2009-06-23 abercuciupdate documentation with the tracking part
2009-06-23 abercucidq/dt and dq/dl reference plots
2009-06-10 abercuci- new plot in the PID checker (dQdt=f(t))
2009-06-10 abercuciupdate documenta
2009-06-08 abercucinew round of documentation
2009-06-07 abercuci better picture for the documentation
2009-06-06 abercucicluster position calibration plots
2009-05-27 abercuciadd cluster error parameterization plots
2009-05-27 cblumeAdd text by Alexandru and Jochen
2009-05-26 abercuciadd pictures for cluster error parameterization as...
2009-05-20 cblumeCorrected figures
2009-05-20 cblumeAdd first version of the TRD software writeup