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fix coding convention errors
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD / qaRec / AliTRDcheckESD.cxx
2009-10-15 abercucifix coding convention errors
2009-10-08 abercucitrend plots for DET and ESD performance tasks
2009-10-07 abercuci- added v0 functionality (Markus Heide)
2009-09-02 morschMCEvent::GetTrack gives back *VParticle.
2009-04-27 abercuci- prepare train for merging with TPC.
2009-04-23 abercuciupdate resolution task with a full characterization...
2009-03-19 hristovStore number of TRD tracklets on ESD for tracking and...
2009-03-02 abercucifix MC selection
2009-02-27 abercucidefault to "HAVE MC" info
2009-02-26 abercuciimprove user interface
2009-02-26 abercuciinsert test of the TRD refit flag
2009-02-19 abercucilast modification of the task before going into production
2009-02-18 abercuci- add output graphs for efficiency
2009-02-18 abercucinew task to check TRD tracking performances at ESD...