extend macro to run on batch
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD / qaRec / makeResults.C
2008-10-13 abercuciextend macro to run on batch
2008-10-10 abercucismall fix for drawing superimposed graphs
2008-10-07 abercucitune for mass production
2008-10-07 abercucifix problems in the efficiency plot (Markus)
2008-09-26 abercucimodify macros interface
2008-09-19 abercuciadd protection before calculating the dEdx
2008-09-17 abercucinew task introduced by Alex Wilk (calculation of refere...
2008-09-16 abercucifull working chain for tasks RES and DET
2008-09-15 abercuciupdates in the pid task (Alex)
2008-09-11 abercucifix naming convention and conflicts with AliAnalysisTask
2008-09-10 abercuciredesign of the QA package.