new task to check TRD tracking performances at ESD-MC (only) level.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD / qaRec / run.C
2009-02-18 abercucinew task to check TRD tracking performances at ESD...
2009-02-13 abercuciupdate macro for the changes in the analysis framework...
2009-02-09 hristovExtacting the OCDB in a separate module. The detectors...
2009-02-01 fcaThe present commit corresponds to an important change...
2009-01-21 abercuciupdates for studying the drift cell structure
2008-12-17 abercuciupdate Cl Error Param task for magnetic field
2008-12-17 abercuciupdate train
2008-12-16 abercuci- fix memory leaks
2008-12-05 abercucinew task "TRD alignment". Responsible persons A.Bercuci...
2008-12-04 abercuciupdate for the new Rezidual plots
2008-12-02 abercuciupdates in the cluster error parameterization task
2008-11-25 abercuciinserted the first calibration task for reconstruction...
2008-11-20 abercucinew function PlotTrackletsVsFindable (Markus)
2008-10-30 abercucimove macro TESTBIT to TSTBIT
2008-10-28 abercucifix small compilation problems
2008-10-28 abercucicontinue Visualization-QA integration with the check...
2008-10-16 abercuciupdates in the TRD qa framework:
2008-10-09 abercucimore flexible detctor check task (Markus)
2008-09-30 abercucitake into account the AliTRDeventInfo (Markus)
2008-09-29 abercuci- new representation of ESD/MC data inside AliTRDtrackInfo
2008-09-26 abercucimodify macros interface
2008-09-17 abercucinew task introduced by Alex Wilk (calculation of refere...
2008-09-16 abercucifull working chain for tasks RES and DET
2008-09-12 abercuciupdates of the PID task by Alex
2008-09-11 abercucifix naming convention and conflicts with AliAnalysisTask
2008-09-11 abercucifix broken compilation for the new task
2008-09-10 abercuciredesign of the QA package.
2008-09-08 abercuciadd PID checker task by Alex Wilk
2008-09-04 abercucimore fixes for memory leaks
2008-09-03 abercuciintroduce memory test using TMemStat
2008-09-03 abercuciupdate of the calibration task by Raphaelle
2008-09-02 abercucinew updates in MC usage inside the train
2008-09-01 abercuciadd calibration task(Raphaelle) and fix error ini steer...
2008-08-29 abercuciextend the usage of the train also for measured data...
2008-08-18 abercucimacro update
2008-08-11 cblumeAdd resolution class
2008-08-08 cblumeUpdate of macros
2008-08-05 cblumeQA of TRD tracking performance