Adding comments (Laurent)
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2007-06-28 cblumeCorrected version by Alexandru
2007-06-25 cblumeUpdates on PID by Alexandru
2007-06-24 hristovNew signature in the base class
2007-06-22 cvetanFixes in order to write correct raw-data on big-endian...
2007-06-21 cblumeNew AliTRDSensor classes by Wilfried
2007-06-20 cblumeMove SetTiltingAngle() to implementation file
2007-06-20 cblumeAdd new FEE parameter class by Ken
2007-06-20 cblumeGet rid of compiler warning
2007-06-20 cvetanMissing contructor. Please verify!
2007-06-20 cblumeCoding conventions
2007-06-20 cblumeNew AliTRDcluster constructor
2007-06-20 cblumeMove pad planes from AliTRDCommonParam to AliTRDgeometry
2007-06-19 cblumeRemove compiler warnings
2007-06-19 cblumeRename AliTRDsim to AliTRDsimTR
2007-06-19 cblumeRemove AliTRDtimeBin
2007-06-19 cblumeRemove AliTRDv0
2007-06-19 cblumeRemove AliTRDrecPoint
2007-06-19 cblumeMove pad planes from AliTRDCommomParam to AliTRDgeometry
2007-06-15 cblumeCoding conventions
2007-06-11 cblumeModify assignment operator
2007-06-11 cblumeCorrected thickness of aluminum cooling pads
2007-06-08 cblumeSmall update by Raphaelle AliTRDCalibPadStatus (some...
2007-06-08 cblumeRename AliTRDCalGlobals to AliTRDCalFEE and remove...
2007-06-08 cblumeUpdated digitizer with consisten internal coordinates
2007-06-05 hristovAdditional protection in case of partial geometry
2007-06-05 cblumeAdd a protection agains a missing run number in Init()
2007-05-31 cblumeRemove obsolete dedx root-file
2007-05-31 cblumeAliTRDDataDCS has its own streamer
2007-05-31 cblumeNew DCS code by Wilfried
2007-05-31 cblumeCorrect RotateBack method
2007-05-31 cvetanAvoiding clash between Fcn functions in TRD and STEER
2007-05-30 cblumeNew DAQ calibration DAs by Raphaelle
2007-05-30 cblumeRemove kX0shift5 since all planes are now equal
2007-05-30 cblumeConsistent implementation of reversed chamber numbering
2007-05-30 cblumeFix memory leak
2007-05-25 cblumeFaster version of raw data reading + raw-data error log
2007-05-21 cblumeMove Gstpar calls to Init()
2007-05-18 cblumeAdd Raw2SDigits by Andreas
2007-05-18 cblumeNew PID reference distribtutions by Alexandru
2007-05-18 cblumeClean up database files
2007-05-18 cblumeSome more coding conventions
2007-05-18 cblumeReplace fabs
2007-05-17 cblumeSave the volume ID of alignable volume in AliTRDcluster
2007-05-16 cblumeGet rid of compiler warning
2007-05-16 cblumeReconstruction QA by Sylwester
2007-05-15 cvetanMoving the alignment-related static methods from AliAli...
2007-05-11 hristovUsing the current particle momentum for the generation...
2007-05-11 cblumeGo back to previous PID method
2007-05-11 cblumeFix the Copy function
2007-05-11 cblumeAdd the calibration object algebra by Raphaelle
2007-05-09 cblumecoding conventions
2007-05-09 cblumeAdditional data member to AliCluster requested by Raphaelle
2007-05-09 cblumeComment out the trigger code in FillESD
2007-05-08 cblumeImplementation of local reconstruction
2007-05-08 hristovUsing TMath::Abs instead of fabs
2007-05-08 cblumeNew 2-dim PID methods by Alexandru
2007-05-08 cblumeAdd check for AliRun object
2007-05-06 cblumeGo back to previous version of simulation
2007-05-06 cblumeAccidentally wrong time0
2007-05-06 cblumeOld ReadGeoMatrices
2007-05-05 cblumeCorrect the comments
2007-05-02 hristovCorrected initialization of arrays (Opteron)
2007-05-02 cblumeFix a bug in the appilcation of ExB and diffusion
2007-04-29 cblumeUpdate RotateBack() and remove Rotate()
2007-04-27 cblumeFix bug in internal cordinate representation
2007-04-18 hristovUsing TMath::Power instead of pow (Solaris x86)
2007-04-17 cblumeUpdate by Raphaelle
2007-04-13 hristovAdding missing semicolons, better structured if statements
2007-04-12 cblumeSpeed up database access in AliTRDclusterizerV1::Transf...
2007-04-12 cblumeTake the absolute time of the hits into account in...
2007-04-12 cblumeTake the absolute time of the hits into account in...
2007-03-29 cvetanRemoval of the last gAlice deps. In case of raw-data...
2007-03-29 cvetanRemoval of AliDebug in the innermost raw-data decoding...
2007-03-29 cvetanObsolete TRD trigger code. It will be moved to the...
2007-03-29 cblumeSmall modification in loops by Sylwester to speed up...
2007-03-29 cblumeConversion of survey data into alignable objects implem...
2007-03-23 cblumeForgot to remove print statement
2007-03-23 cblumeKeep previous definition of rows for reconstruction
2007-03-22 cblumeAdd a comment behind ClassDef
2007-03-22 cblumeCompiler warnings
2007-03-21 cblumeComplier warnings
2007-03-21 cblumeReplace AliTRDCalibra
2007-03-21 cblumeReplace AliTRDCalibra
2007-03-21 cblumeUpdate of preprocessor by Raphaelle
2007-03-21 cblumeReplace AliTRDCalibra
2007-03-21 cblumeNew internal coordinates in digitizer and consistent...
2007-03-15 cvetanNew base AliCluster class (Jouri+Cvetan)
2007-03-14 cblumeAdd AliTRDalignment by Dariusz
2007-03-14 cblumeUpdate of raw data reading by Christian
2007-03-14 cblumeModification of operator=
2007-03-08 cblumeRemove AliTRDtrack::kNtimeBins
2007-03-08 cblumeAdd more ALiFatal
2007-03-08 cblumeRemove EvaluateUni completely
2007-03-07 hristovCommenting out the method EvaluateUni moved to AliMathBase
2007-03-07 cblumeDo AliFatal if no calibration data available
2007-03-07 cblumeFix bug in total probability
2007-03-05 hristovAdditional protection
2007-03-02 cblume Set ADC baseline back to 0 for the time being, just...
2007-02-28 cblumeChange type of fChamberDone
2007-02-27 hristov- Renaming fEventNumber (and the associated getters...