macro and flowevent maker to run part of the code in root
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD /
2009-01-29 cblumeAdd a Reset funcion
2009-01-28 cblumeRemove dependcies on obsolete data structures
2009-01-28 abercuciupdates of the PID reference data calibration (Alex W)
2009-01-28 cblumeClean up
2009-01-28 cblumeClean up
2009-01-28 cblumeClean up
2009-01-28 cblumeClean up
2009-01-28 cblumeClean up
2009-01-27 cblumeUpdate of raw data simulation by WooJin
2009-01-26 abercuciremove dependence on the AliTRDReconstructor from the...
2009-01-26 cblumeFix size of array declaration, as pointed out by Andrei
2009-01-26 abercuciuse the minimum error point on the tracklet (x ref...
2009-01-26 cblumeFix coding rule violations
2009-01-23 cblumechanges in AliTRDdigitsManager
2009-01-22 abercuciprotect against missing pt in track references
2009-01-22 abercuciminor changes:
2009-01-22 cblumeClean up the dependencies
2009-01-22 abercucifixed wrong index
2009-01-21 abercuciupdates for studying the drift cell structure
2009-01-21 abercucifix coding errors (Markus)
2009-01-20 abercuciprotections against missing clusters in calculating...
2009-01-20 abercuciSmall modifications on the PID checker task in order...
2009-01-20 abercuciprotect against missing PDG entry - the cause not tested
2009-01-20 abercucicorrect dEdx calculations for pad row cross
2009-01-20 abercucinew MC resolution test
2009-01-16 abercucirestrict momentum resolution plot only to non electrons...
2009-01-16 abercucinew plots for pt resolution in TRD
2009-01-16 abercuci! MAJOR ! update in the TRD tracking
2009-01-14 abercuciprepare for the new tracklet fit/attach
2009-01-14 abercucifix copy constructor of AliESDinfo
2009-01-13 abercuciremove warning produced by hiding GetC of
2009-01-08 abercuciremove warning produced by hiding GetC of AliExternalTr...
2009-01-08 abercucipropagate cluster error parametrization
2009-01-08 abercuciupdates in cluster error parametrization + documentation
2009-01-05 cblumeSmall fix for case of no time structure
2009-01-05 cblumeRawstream classes and digitsManager of AliTRD now chang...
2009-01-05 cblumeRawstream classes and digitsManager of AliTRD now chang...
2009-01-02 fcaSeveral Changes:
2008-12-27 hristovIntroducing event specie in QA (Yves)
2008-12-23 abercuciadd processing of position/error for y center pad depen...
2008-12-23 abercuciintroduce also:
2008-12-22 cblumeReplace plane by layer
2008-12-22 cblumeChanges by Theodor: Speed up of clusterizer, fix of...
2008-12-20 abercucifirst version of cluster error parameterization
2008-12-18 abercuciprotect tracker destructor agains multiple instances...
2008-12-17 abercuciupdate Cl Error Param task for magnetic field
2008-12-17 abercuciupdate train
2008-12-17 abercuciadjust "globally" the radial position of the clusters
2008-12-17 fcaFew corrections to previous checkin
2008-12-17 fcaRemoval of AliMCQA and of TreeH method on AliDetector
2008-12-16 abercuci- fix memory leaks
2008-12-16 abercucinew macro to generate OCDB entries for PIDThresholds...
2008-12-16 fcaSeveral changes:
2008-12-15 cblumeUpdates of the calibration code after calibration of...
2008-12-15 abercucinew database entry to store PID threshold at 90% effici...
2008-12-15 abercuciuse in tracking values for tracklet fit
2008-12-15 abercucifix tracklet fit in the reconstruction code
2008-12-14 cblumeRemove AliPoint from TRD code
2008-12-14 cblumeRemove AliPoint from TRD code
2008-12-13 abercucinew debugging structure in the reconstruction (Markus)
2008-12-12 abercuciremove warnings during reloading the TRD track list...
2008-12-10 fcaFirst cleanup of Loaders
2008-12-09 abercucifix error - refit tracklets using tilt correction
2008-12-09 abercuciupdate in the tracklet-track residuals analysis (Eva)
2008-12-08 cblumerandom misalignment of sm restricted in z to +- 0.6 cm
2008-12-08 cblumeIntroduce two object for SOR and EOR
2008-12-05 abercucinew task "TRD alignment". Responsible persons A.Bercuci...
2008-12-05 abercucifix AliCluster bit map corruption
2008-12-05 abercucimore stable tracklet fit procedure
2008-12-05 abercucimodified tracklet residual plot
2008-12-04 abercucimodify the used interface
2008-12-04 cblumeFix by Hermes that resets -1 and adds additional checks
2008-12-04 cblumeIntroduce IsHole for holes in front of PHOS
2008-12-04 abercuciremove warning by histogram recreation
2008-12-04 abercuciupdate the reference position/covariance for stand...
2008-12-04 abercucifix typo
2008-12-04 abercuciadded track covariance matrix (yz plane) to the tracklet
2008-12-04 abercuciupdate for the new Rezidual plots
2008-12-03 abercucipropagate pad status to the clusters - corrected (Markus)
2008-12-03 abercucinew plot functions for tracklet residuals (Eva)
2008-12-03 abercucinew plot <PH> = f(x_drift).
2008-12-03 abercucifixes for t0 calibration
2008-12-03 cblumeMove to gRandom
2008-12-02 abercuciupdates in the cluster error parameterization task
2008-12-02 cblumeResidual and full misalignment w/o overlaps
2008-12-02 abercuciremove digits conversion from the reconstruction until...
2008-12-02 cblumeAdditional setters and getters
2008-12-01 abercuciadd post processing for cluster error parameterization...
2008-12-01 abercucifix pad masking settings for clusters (Markus)
2008-12-01 abercuciadded calibrated time information for the clusters
2008-12-01 abercuciadd clusterInfo functionality to the residuals
2008-12-01 cblumeBug fix by Hermes
2008-11-28 hristovEnalrged size of char arrays
2008-11-27 abercuciextend functionality for HLT usage and improved verbosi...
2008-11-26 abercucireset track points before usage
2008-11-25 abercuciinserted the first calibration task for reconstruction...
2008-11-25 abercucifix fitting procedure for measured data
2008-11-25 abercuciprotect task against missing MC info
2008-11-24 cblumeFix memory leak
2008-11-21 abercuciinsert protection for ownership (Markus)