TPC mapping class added; new digit reader based on fast ALTRO decoder implemented...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD /
2008-01-24 cblumenot much improvement in the logic but works 10 times...
2008-01-24 cblumeUpdated version: Performance and error calculation
2008-01-22 cblumeAdditional protection
2008-01-21 cblumeAdd a protection against empty chambers
2008-01-18 cblumeUpdate tracklet initialization
2008-01-18 cblumeModifications to handle corrupted cosmics data
2008-01-18 cblumeModifications to handle corrupted cosmics data
2008-01-18 cblumeRemove include of old header file
2008-01-17 cblumeRe-structured digitizer
2008-01-17 cblumeRe-structured digitizer
2008-01-16 cblumeRemove initialization of the tracklet pointer to get...
2008-01-15 cblumeIntroduction of AliSurveyObj
2008-01-14 hristovRemoving .cvsignore files
2008-01-11 cblumeReplace != sign with < in line 496
2008-01-10 cblumePut back FillResiduals
2008-01-10 hristovdos2unix, bug fixes (Alex)
2008-01-09 cblumeNew tracker by Markus and Alexandru
2007-12-21 cblumeGo back to old version and Merry Christmas
2007-12-21 cblumeUpdated tracking code by Alexandru und Markus
2007-12-18 cblumeAdd the call to Iouris residual calculation
2007-12-18 cblumeRadical performance improvement
2007-12-18 hristovSplitting of the QA maker into simulation and reconstru...
2007-12-14 cblumeProtection against strange det numbers
2007-12-14 cblumeNew function SetSubtractBaseline() and improved debug...
2007-12-13 cblumeGo back to AliTRDRawStreamV2 for simulated data
2007-12-13 cblumeUpdate by Raphaelle
2007-12-13 cblumeFix usage of AliTRDrawStreamTB
2007-12-12 cblumeChange to new AliTRDrawStreamTB
2007-12-12 hristovAdding class AliTRDsegmentArrayBase
2007-12-12 cblumeNew version of raw reader
2007-12-12 cblumeNew version of raw reader
2007-12-12 cblumeremove old version
2007-12-10 alibraryIntroducing TGeoMatrix where needed
2007-12-10 cvetanCorrected documentation fields
2007-12-08 hristovUpdated misalignment macros (Raffaele)
2007-12-07 hristovFit only when enough data is available (Sylwester)
2007-12-07 hristovFixed indexes
2007-12-07 hristovTList replaced by TObjArray as QA data container. Intro...
2007-12-07 hristovUpdated QA (Sylwester)
2007-12-07 cblumeReplace AliTRDRawStreamV2 by AliTRDRawStreamTB
2007-12-03 cblumeFix conversion problems
2007-12-03 cvetanConst method does not compile in case the DATE is installed
2007-11-30 cblumeReintroduce the ADC threshold as a temporary fix for...
2007-11-30 cblumeAnd some more cleanup
2007-11-29 cblumeSome code cleanup
2007-11-29 cblumecoding violations
2007-11-29 cblumecoding violations
2007-11-29 cblumeFix compiler warnings
2007-11-29 cblumeFix a compiler warning
2007-11-29 cblumeNew stand alone tracking by Alexadru and Martin
2007-11-29 cblumeBug fix by Yves
2007-11-28 cblumeModifications for Si reading by Anton
2007-11-27 cvetanUse CDH object in which the trigger information is...
2007-11-26 hristovCorrected calculation of indexes
2007-11-26 cblumeQA implementation by Sylwester
2007-11-22 cvetanUpdates needed to make the trigger inputs compatible...
2007-11-16 cblumeTemporary fix of circular dependencies
2007-11-16 cblumeRemove printf and add trd_gasCO2
2007-11-13 cblumeRemove unneccessary warning
2007-11-13 cblumeNew protection against noise clusters in not existing...
2007-11-12 cblumeFix of coding rule violations
2007-11-12 cblumeFix of coding rule violations
2007-11-09 cblumeCoding rule violations
2007-11-09 cblumeCoding rule violations
2007-11-09 cblumeNew carbon inserts, holes for PHOS, update of services...
2007-11-09 cblumeModifications in the DCS part by Raphaelle
2007-11-06 cblumeback again
2007-11-06 alibraryIgnoring smell subdet
2007-11-06 cblumeremove classes until coding violations are fixed
2007-11-05 cblumeTest beam analysis class by Sylwester
2007-11-05 cblumeTest beam raw data reading
2007-11-01 cblumeAdd a warning for missing transformation matrix
2007-11-01 cblumeAdd a warning for missing transformation matrix
2007-10-31 cblumeNew QA classes by Sylwester
2007-10-31 cblumeDAQ Detector Algorithm with documentation
2007-10-30 cblumeProvide a special IO ctor for the parameter singleton...
2007-10-30 cblumeUpdate by Raphaelle
2007-10-30 alibraryUsing symbolic particle types everywhere
2007-10-23 cblumeIncrease version number
2007-10-23 cblumeHoles for PHOS
2007-10-23 cblumeFix overlap problem in cooling pipes
2007-10-22 cblumeBug fix by Alex
2007-10-18 cblumePatch to deal with big endians (MAC)
2007-10-15 cblumeCoding conventions
2007-10-05 cblumeImplementation the function AliTRDPreprocessor::Process...
2007-09-27 cblumeFix bug in creation of matrix arrays and rename functio...
2007-09-26 cblumeFirst implementation of neural network PID
2007-09-25 cblumeSmall modification by Mateusz
2007-09-25 cblumeRemove old clusterizers
2007-09-24 cblumeAdd a protection for incomplete geometry
2007-09-20 cblumeRemove compiler warnings
2007-09-20 cblumeRename AliTRDclusterizerV2 to AliTRDclusterizer
2007-09-20 cblumeRemove AliTRDclusterizerV1
2007-09-19 cblumeAdd additional protection
2007-09-19 cblumeReintrodruce old clusterizer for HLT
2007-09-19 cblumeIntroduction of AliTRDtransform. Cluster coordinates...
2007-09-18 hristovUpdated alignment macros and related changes (Raffaele)
2007-09-12 hristovBug fix in TRF parametrization (Alex)
2007-08-29 cblumeModifications in the calibration/preprocessor for new...
2007-08-28 hristovAliAlignObjAngles becomes AliAlignObjParams (Raffaele)