Unload the VZERO digits per event
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD /
2010-03-08 abercucistreamed selection of the backup track for refit and...
2010-03-08 abercuci- backup recoParam in the tracker for speeding up ...
2010-03-08 cblumePatch to fix nTimeBins in case of reconstruction from...
2010-03-06 cblumeRevert some of the recent changes (Theo)
2010-03-05 cblumeCreate matrix array in GetClusterArray if necessary
2010-03-05 cblumeRename AliTRDrawStream to AliTRDrawStreamOld
2010-03-05 cblumeRename AliTRDrawStream to AliTRDrawStreamOld
2010-03-03 cblumeSuppress warning for (not) writing tracklets (Jochen)
2010-02-26 hristovFixes for report #63583: High CPU time spent in TMath...
2010-02-26 cblumeMove AliTRDCalPID from TRDbase to TRDrec
2010-02-25 hristovAdditiona fix for bug #63491: High virtual memory consu...
2010-02-25 cblumeAdd TRD monitoring task by Ionut
2010-02-25 cblumeBug fixes for the Is... functions (Raphaelle)
2010-02-25 cblumeCreate clusterizes only once per run and avoid resizing...
2010-02-24 cblumeFixing error codes in AliTRDSaxHandler and comments...
2010-02-24 cblumeAdd missing newline at the end
2010-02-23 cblumeUpdate of calibration task and replace AliTRDrunCalib...
2010-02-17 abercuciadd pt threshold for TRD updating Kalman as discussed...
2010-02-12 cblumeRead NTimeBins directly from digitsParam (Theo)
2010-02-12 cblumeIntroduce chamber wise NTimeBins and ADCbaseline to...
2010-02-11 cblumeIntroduce new NtimeBin consistency checks
2010-02-10 cblumeUse equipment id in error dump (MinJung)
2010-02-09 cblumeCorrect typo in SetPretrigger()
2010-02-09 cblumeCorrect typo in SetPretrigger()
2010-02-08 abercucifixes for bug 62512
2010-02-05 cblumeuse fewer dynamic_casts by caching the pointers (Theo)
2010-02-03 cblumeFix compilation problems in DAs
2010-02-03 abercuciAvoid nasty crash if user forget to initialize reconstr...
2010-02-02 cblumeIntroducing method IsHalfChamberMasked() (Raphaelle)
2010-02-01 abercucistore ESD track Id in TRD track for back searching...
2010-01-28 cblumeNew reader for the pedestal run and vdrift (Julian...
2010-01-20 cblumeUpdate of calibration task and file for test shuttle
2010-01-19 cblumeAdd missing newline
2010-01-18 cblumeAdd flags for HC status
2010-01-15 cblumeImplementation of 1D PID LQ method
2010-01-04 abercucifix TRDout flag setting. All tracks which are found...
2010-01-04 abercucifix warnings reported in savannah 60986
2009-12-31 cblume- use only one array in DeConvExp
2009-12-28 cblumeTake the case of missing pretrigger into account
2009-12-23 abercucifix oder in which number of time bins are looked for:
2009-12-18 cblumeMove to simple TObject in OCDB/TRD/Calib/FEE and delete...
2009-12-16 cblumemake the low multiplicity parameters the default parameters
2009-12-16 abercucibootstrap pdf before usage
2009-12-16 hristovLink libSTAT to the binaries, not when you create other...
2009-12-16 cblumeFix coding rule violations
2009-12-15 cblumeAliTRDmcmSim:
2009-12-15 cblumePut an empty object for AliTRDCalFEE
2009-12-14 cblumeAdd additional protection in GetNTimeBins
2009-12-11 abercuciThe EOR object is in the array slot 1 (Frederik)
2009-12-11 cblumeFix coding rule violations
2009-12-11 abercucinew PID 2dLQ implementation to fix bug 54540
2009-12-11 abercucimodified the calib DB in the way Frederick proposed...
2009-12-10 cblumeNew TRD calibration task by Raphaelle
2009-12-09 cblumememset only the necessary part of the sorted array
2009-12-09 cblumea/ AliTRDCalibraFillHisto.cxx .h:
2009-12-08 cblume- clear arrayADC fastyer with memset
2009-12-08 abercucispeed up tracker (Theodor)
2009-12-04 cblumechange bits according to TObject (Theo)
2009-12-03 abercucifix bug in stand alone tracker - ncl/track = 0
2009-12-02 cblumeBug fix by Sylwester
2009-12-02 fcaFixing bug #57328
2009-12-02 abercuciprotect against missing arrays for clusters, tracklets...
2009-12-01 cvetanMemory leak fixed (Matevz)
2009-11-30 cblumeRemove obsolete AliTRDCalFee
2009-11-30 cblumeRemove AliTRDcalibDB:GetNumberOfTimeBins()
2009-11-29 cblumeConsistent treatment of raw streamer and didits manager...
2009-11-27 cblumeAdd an additional protection (Raphaelle)
2009-11-27 cblumeRemove calls to AliTRDcalibDB::GetNumberOfTimeBins()
2009-11-27 cblumeUpdate and move to new raw reader (Sylwester)
2009-11-26 cblumeAllow for NTimeBins not being multiples of 3
2009-11-26 abercuciskip the calculation in AliTRDCluster::GetYloc for HLT
2009-11-26 cblumeCleaup the situation NTimeBin in simulation
2009-11-26 abercuci- move tracklet index stored in track from UShort_t...
2009-11-25 abercuciadd verbosity
2009-11-24 abercuci- modify covariance matrix calculation for tracklet fit
2009-11-23 cblumeSet global (static) memers to 0x0 in destructor so...
2009-11-22 cblumeadd function to extract the number of time bins
2009-11-20 cblumeAlignment macros by Dariusz
2009-11-18 abercucicorrect index (Theodor)
2009-11-18 abercucifix wrong Bz usage
2009-11-18 cblumeBug fixes
2009-11-18 abercuci- bug fix in tracklet fit due to moving away from TLine...
2009-11-17 cblumeIncrement version number
2009-11-17 hristovMajor update of the CMake compilation:
2009-11-16 cblumeGo back to 24 time bins for the time being
2009-11-16 abercucifix typo error (Markus)
2009-11-16 fcaimpoved num precision
2009-11-13 abercucimacro to create First Physics reco Param (Markus)
2009-11-13 abercucinew setter for RoadzMultiplicator
2009-11-12 cblumeSet default ntimebis = 30 in simulation and check for...
2009-11-12 abercuciadd special function to set the number of time bins
2009-11-12 abercuciuse digits param to extract no of time bins
2009-11-11 cblumeUpdate by Dariusz
2009-11-11 cblumeAdd a consistency check for the number of time bins
2009-11-11 cblumeUse proper OCDB interface to the number of time bins...
2009-11-11 cblumeRemove deprecated and slow ResetArray()
2009-11-11 abercuciadd protection for failing when calculating time bin...
2009-11-11 cblumeput kIDDCS at the end of the list
2009-11-11 cblumeAccess to TRD/Calib/DCS for number of time bins and...
2009-11-07 cblumeAdd missing newline at the end