[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TRD /
2012-10-08 jklein- improve protection against data in impossible padrows...
2012-09-26 jklein- propagate track in-time flag to AliESDTrdTrack
2012-09-25 morsch1) Centrality dependent thresholds parameters
2012-09-20 cblumeFix out of bounds error
2012-09-20 cblumeAdd haff chamber status to simulation part (Julian)
2012-09-19 hristov#97528: Commit to the trunk changes needed for mirrorin...
2012-09-14 cblumeMasking of not calibrated chambers
2012-09-04 jklein- support for no. of timebins != 3*n
2012-09-04 jklein- move tracklet sorting to make it available for HLT
2012-08-28 cblumeAdd protection agains mismatch in number of ESD friends
2012-08-27 cblumeBug fix by Xian-Guo
2012-08-17 cblumePatch by Xianguo
2012-08-01 shahoianBringing CMakeLists under svn maintenance
2012-08-01 abercuciprotect against crash due to wrong gDirectory settings...
2012-07-30 cblumeAdjust precision of EPSILON (Xianguo)
2012-07-26 cblumeminor fixes, made compilable, added standalone support...
2012-07-25 cblumeUse default DCS OCDB object if no run specific one...
2012-07-19 jklein- bugfix to correctly handle stack 0 active but with...
2012-07-19 cblumeReduce verbosity in case of undefined number of time...
2012-07-16 cblumePatch to load 1DLQ PID references
2012-07-05 cblumeAdd new online gain tables
2012-06-27 morschUpdates in order to enable the '2D' PID for the TRD...
2012-06-18 abercucirevert changes done for adding ITS seeding to TRD to...
2012-06-18 jklein- bugfix to correctly treat corrupted tracklet endmarkers
2012-06-08 jklein- correction in geometry usage for tracklets
2012-06-06 cblumendex: TRD/AliTRDdEdxReconUtils.h
2012-06-05 fcaUpdates for the ROOT trunk
2012-06-05 hristovFixes in EINCLUDE
2012-06-01 cblumeParsing of the DCS configuration name into parameters...
2012-05-29 abercucichanged strategy for refit inward. Added also tracks...
2012-05-25 hristovModifications in CMake* files to export all required...
2012-05-25 cblumeGet number of time bins from FEE configuration name...
2012-05-23 cblumeProtection for undefined objects at SOR and EOR and...
2012-05-21 cblumeTRD/AliTRDdEdxCalibHistArray.cxx Redefine nbin...
2012-05-17 cblume* The calib hist binning is changed to log binning
2012-05-17 abercucifix typo
2012-05-17 abercuciextend seeding detectors by ITS in view of ALICE upgrade
2012-05-17 abercuciadd seeder mark-up for parallel TPC/ITS seeding
2012-05-14 cblumeAdd a protection againts runs with missing DCS informat...
2012-05-13 cblumeChange THnSparseS to THnSparseF (Xianguo)
2012-05-13 cblumeDelete obsolete class
2012-05-11 jklein- still coverity
2012-05-11 cblumeSplit dEdxUtils into dEdxBaseUtils, dEdxCalibUtils...
2012-05-07 cblumeChange THnSparseD to THnF in truncated mean related...
2012-05-03 cblumeUpdate requested by Annalisa
2012-05-02 abercuciimplementation of summed charge (Xianguo)
2012-05-02 abercuciremove printf (Xianguo)
2012-05-02 abercuciuse truncated mean infrastructure from ESD track(Xianguo)
2012-04-30 jklein- coverity fix
2012-04-27 cblumeFix Coverity defect
2012-04-27 cblumeFix coverity defect
2012-04-27 abercuciuncalibrate (gain and baseline) raw signals of online...
2012-04-26 cblumeAdjust needed statistics for Vd calibration and normali...
2012-04-26 abercucirename function SetStatus to SetErrStat to avoid confli...
2012-04-25 jklein- coverity fixes
2012-04-24 jklein- update label handling in GTU simulation
2012-04-23 cblumeSwitch to 24 time bins as default
2012-04-23 cblumeConsistent treatment of online gain tables (ANNIKA)
2012-04-23 cblumeModified treatment of FEE filter type determination...
2012-04-17 cblumeUpdate by Xianguo
2012-04-15 jklein- coverity fix
2012-04-12 jklein- allow to store clusters contributing to tracklets
2012-04-10 cblumeOnly read online gain tables and apply them if they...
2012-04-09 cblumeBug fix (Xianguo)
2012-04-05 jklein- adapt extraction of config event in rawstream
2012-04-05 jklein- correct treatment of non-sequential charge accumulati...
2012-04-04 jklein- coverity fixes
2012-04-03 jklein- enable tracklet simulation with TRAPconfig taken...
2012-03-31 jklein- OCDB-related code for TRAPconfig
2012-03-31 jklein- bugfixes and updates of comments
2012-03-30 abercucifix coverity (Xianguo)
2012-03-28 jklein- revert accidental part of previous commit,
2012-03-28 jklein- coverity fixes
2012-03-28 abercuciprotect against overstepping ADC array boundary
2012-03-26 abercuciadd new classes for PID truncated mean (Xianguo)
2012-03-26 abercuciTruncated mean PID method by Xianguo
2012-03-21 abercuciStore raw pad signals in AliTRDcluster (suggested by...
2012-03-21 jklein- make AliTRDtrapConfig streamable
2012-03-14 abercuciextend CookLabel for performance studies
2012-03-14 abercucicorrect position of MC label calculation
2012-03-14 abercuciforce compute MC label
2012-03-14 cblumeUncomment AddLabels()
2012-03-13 jklein- implement GetHCId() for AliTRDtrackletGTU
2012-03-12 abercuciuse explicitly TPC mass during tracking
2012-02-29 hristovAdditional protection (test/embedding)
2012-02-25 hristovFixes for #86059: Install data when ALICE_ROOT does...
2012-02-24 hristovCoverity 18354 solved by non-implemented private copy...
2012-02-20 cblumeNew gaintables including new SMs (Annika)
2012-02-14 hristovCoverity (Yves)
2012-02-02 jklein- coverity fixes
2012-02-02 jklein- fix coding rule violations
2012-02-01 hristovProtections for coverity: DIVIDE_BY_ZERO
2012-02-01 cblumeFix coding rule violations (Raphaelle)
2012-02-01 cblumeFix coding rule violations (Raphaelle)
2012-02-01 abercucifix RuleChecker violations
2012-02-01 hristovCoverity 18662
2012-02-01 cblumeCoding rule violations
2012-01-25 cblumeAdding a very small proctection (Raphaelle)
2012-01-16 fcaFixing coverity 17819
2012-01-13 cblumeAdd new online gaintable